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OM – Meditation Chant


7 Sutras to start your day. 

Sutras are ancient Sanskrit words that take you deeper internally. They can be used to focus your day, as a healing tool or as a practice to clear internal blockages.

Details as follows:

  • Introduction plus 7 daily mantras
  • A PDF of the Sutras



The sacred syllable OM is the primordial sound, the divine vibration of love within and without that permeates the entire Universe. It is the perfect recording for your yoga, healing or meditation practice; or you can use it to simply uplift and bless any environment.


Cord Cutting Process

This process is for cutting unhealthy energetic attachments you may have with individuals, groups, objects or levels of consciousness. It is a highly effective process for getting to the root of an attachment or unhealthy cord to something or someone.

ISA Bicarbonate Soda

100% Natural – Organic – Pharmaceutical Grade

pH Test Kit 5.5-80

Each roll provides for approximately 100 tests

5kg Tubs $120.00 Plus Postage


1kg Bag    $49.00 Plus Postage    $16.50 Within Australia


1kg Bag Plus pH Test Kit 5.5-80  $69.00 Plus Postage $16.50 Within   Australia


pH Test Kit – Saliva  $20 Pus Postage $1.25 within   Australia


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