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“6 Years alive anniversary today… I always wake with gratitude to being alive…and to meeting such a special man who enabled a miraculous healing….I came to you with Breast Cancer and it has never returned. Today was an awesome day. Keep doing what you’re doing You’re awesome Thank You ”

Amanda Cunningham

Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Colour Only Salons

What Is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine is a modality that clears blockages in our energy fields. It’s a way or repairing and rebalancing our physical, emotional and mental bodies so we can heal and restore ourselves. Trauma, emotional and mental stress, false belief systems, physical ailments and environmental stressors are all examples of energetic blocks we store in the energy fields of our bodies. These blocks impact our ability to function at our fullest potential and over time can cause serious illness and disease.

Think about it this way…

EVERYTHING in your current reality has an energetic frequency – including you.

Your personal energetic frequency is a vibration that is generated from your internal environment (your thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, attitude, behaviours).

Consequently, the  vibration or personal frequency you resonate at, determines;

– What your life looks like at any given moment (health, wealth, career, relationships, fulfilment…)

– How easy you are able to navigate obstacles and challenges (is your experience of life stressful, peaceful, frantic, calm, depressing or joyful?)

– How successful you are at creating what you desire

– Whether you’re thriving and living a life you love (this is a biggie!).

In an energy session, I tune into your personal energetic vibration. I’m able to “see” where you are blocked and what the ROOT CAUSE of the blockage is. Once released, you’ll feel instantly feel lighter, happier and perhaps even vibrant!

Unlike other modalities, energy medicine has the ability to stimulate an instant healing with a positive flow on effect of permanent change. 

In 1999 when I had a rare, severe “incurable” rheumatoid illness which consisted of my own enzymes eating my muscles, Doug Peacock came to my rescue. After three sessions with Doug, that condition was out of my system, as the next blood test showed. My doctor was so impressed, even he came to see Doug.  Fast forward to 2017. I came down with non-Hodgkins’ Lymphoma. I did one session of chemotherapy, but could not handle the side effects, so I switched to a natural healing protocol. That included looking up Doug, who I found, back in Australia. I had four sessions with him, and voila! The latest CT scans and blood tests show that all is once again well in my body! Thus, I see myself as a “Walking Miracle” two times over now, and have endless gratitude for Doug and his amazing work, which I can highly recommend!
Mary S., Sedona, AZ
Mary S

Boulder USA

What Is Integrated Spiritual Alignment?

Almost 20 years ago, ‘Spirit’ guided me to create an advanced energy medicine technique – Integrated Spiritual Alignment (“ISA”). This incredible technique continues to grow in power as I expand my personal knowledge and alignment of self.

ISA energy medicine results continue to intensify, and often result in clients experiencing what they describe as miraculous outcomes. I’ve successfully helped clients dissolve breast cancer, shrink liver and bowel tumours, and lessen endometriosis symptoms. I even helped a 12 year old boy who was diagnosed as being blind in one eye, regain 20/20 vision.

But that’s not all. ISA energy medicine is not just limited to physical disease. We’ve helped businesses go from 10 million p.a. turnover to 100 million p.a. turnover in just a few short years. We’ve helped marriages on the brink of divorce find love and fulfilment again And we’ve helped individuals gain strength and clarity on who they are and what their their true purpose is in life.

It doesn’t matter what the problem or issue is, there is no hiding from the energy.


We INTEGRATE the divine into your physical reality. This purifies all levels, all lifetimes and all dimensions ensuring our healing process is a holistic one transcending time and space.

SPIRITUAL is keeping the connection of the divine within you whilst recognising it’s presence all around you.

ALIGINMENT is the “expression” of you being it in the world. It occurs when our head, heart and spirit are aligned and working harmoniously together.

Douglas Peacock Institute Pricing

***  Please Feel Free to contact Douglas about discounted rates for on-going Coaching and Healing packages.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Thank you for your support and friendship. Over the past 2 years you have guided me to stay true and be transparent in my business. With your insights I turned around my business dealings and am now in a much better position.

(Working with Mike, he increased his returns on investments including a $15M investment into a $80M sale. It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with him).

Mike M

Wellington NZ

I had a goal to reach my 5th Olympic games. I can’t explain how or what you do with that energy stuff you do, but I know it just works and helped me overcome many injuries and deal with the mental pressures so I could achieve my dream. Thank You and I’m forever grateful you are a real friend.

Natalie Cook

Brisbane AUS

We are forever grateful thanks to Terriane and your support and teachings. Our relationship was in a horrible place when we meet you. Over the past 4 years our relationship has flourished beyond our wildest dreams and the skills you taught us, have bought peace and harmony into all areas of our lives. You not only saved our marriage but changed our lives. Love S&B

S & R Bell


Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work?

It ALWAYS works! The rule with energy medicine and any form of healing work is, “you may not get what you came for, but you will ALWAYS get what you most need”. When you get out of your own way, you make room for a much more powerful force to come to and through you.

Can you help with physical ailments/disease?

Yes & No. Can anything be healed? ABSOLUTELY. Am I doing the healing? No.

The healing of any dis-ease starts with YOU being in total acceptance of you having the dis-ease. Once that is established, we can work towards aligning your energy mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Can you heal my partner in our relationship?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your partner is not the problem. If you have a problem with your partner, then the problem lies within you. Here’s the GOOD news – when we heal the problem within you, you’ll find the problem will no longer exist.

Can you heal my abundance blocks or financial problems?

Yes. Money is just a form of energy and a tool to be utilised. Abundance blocks or financial concerns are typically symptoms of deeper core issues relating to self worth. Be aware, whatever the core is that’s holding you in lack or scarcity may have nothing at all to do with money. When we acknowledge and release the core block, you’ll discover money flows easily and effortlessly.

When will I see results?

All healings are instantaneous. However, your surrounding environment, your thoughts, your habits etc may need some time to adjust to the new you. Often you will need to do extra work at home to solidify and support the energy changes in your body. The full effect of a healing will happen only at the speed YOU can handle or receive it.

How long does it last?

Healing is a life-long transformation. It is in YOU shifting the concept of yourself, that your healing will be revealed.

What makes your energy work so powerful?

I sit in the energy of love and allow myself to be shown what you need most.

There is no judgement, no bias, or personal beliefs that enter into any energy medicine I perform. It’s pure channelling from Divine Source.

As Seen In


Douglas Peacock and any of it’s companies and subsidiaries do not claim to diagnose, cure or heal any illness. Douglas Peacock does not claim to provide medical treatment, financial advice, or legal advice. Douglas Peacock is not liable for any outcome that may occur from doing energy work on people, including remotely through others. Please consult a trained medical, legal or financial profession before making important decisions on these matters. The only thing Douglas claims to do is support awakening the natural transformational forces within you as a result of elevating your frequency; all results that occur thereafter are created by your own.