Unlock Your Full Potential. 

Discover powerful  practical steps to enhance your health, relationships and work — and receive insights and practices you can  apply to yourself in even the busiest or most stressful situations.

Through  ISA Energy Medicine,   Douglas offers deep clearing, aligning, opening and balancing of the energies at your core, to better navigate life. 

 ISA Energy Medicine  is designed to take your  energy to the next level.  It will transform the way you think about your energy, emotions, and thought and behavior patterns


Gain deep insights into who you are at your core so you can express yourself more authentically

Disable defense mechanisms that no longer serve you

Gain clarity about your power and your purpose

Discover how to track your own energy with simple techniques you can use anytime, anywhere

Open to guidance through surrendering to your own energy

Private Coaching & Healing

Gain strength and clarity on who you are and what your true
purpose is in life.

Integrated Spiritual Alignment

Advanced energy medicine technique to clear trauma, emotional and mental stress, false belief systems, physical ailments


Expand Your Energy, Accelerate Your Personal Evolution With Transformational


Intuitive Coaching Creating Business Success

Abundance blocks or financial concerns? Discover  how money can  flow easily and effortlessly. 

What Is Integrated Spiritual Alignment?

Almost 20 years ago, ‘Spirit’ guided me to create an advanced energy medicine technique – Integrated Spiritual Alignment(“ISA”). This incredible technique continues to grow in power as I expand my personal knowledge and alignment of self.

ISA energy medicine results continue to intensify, and often result in clients experiencing what they describe as miraculous outcomes. I’ve successfully helped clients dissolve breast cancer, shrink liver and bowel tumours, and lessen endometriosis symptoms. I even helped a 12 year old boy who was diagnosed as being blind in one eye, regain 20/20 vision.

But that’s not all. ISA energy medicine is not just limited to physical disease. We’ve helped businesses go from 10 million p.a. turnover to 100 million p.a. turnover in just a few short years. We’ve helped marriages on the brink of divorce find love and fulfilment again. And we’ve helped individuals gain strength and clarity on who they are and what’s  their true purpose in life.a


Douglas INTEGRATES the divine into your physical reality. This purifies all levels, all lifetimes and all dimensions ensuring our healing process is a holistic one transcending time and space


SPIRITUAL is grounding the connection of the divine within you whilst recognising it’s presence all around you.


ALIGINMENT is the “expression” of you being it in the world. It occurs when our head, heart and spirit are aligned and working harmoniously together.

About Douglas Peacock

 ISA Energy Medicine is led by a remarkable man who underwent a life-changing spiritual awakening that shifted the core of his being – and eventually led him to be able to catalyse deep shifts in others.

Douglas Peacock is an author, speaker, consultant and trainer in the areas of mind-body performance and leadership…Learn more



“6 Years alive anniversary today… I always wake with gratitude to being alive…and to meeting such a special man who enabled a miraculous healing….I came to you with Breast Cancer and it has never returned. Today was an awesome day. Keep doing what you’re doing You’re awesome Thank You ”

Amanda Cunningham

Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Colour Only Salons

“I had a goal to reach my 5th Olympic games. I can’t explain how or what you do with that energy stuff you do, but I know it just works and helped me overcome many injuries and deal with the mental pressures so I could achieve my dream. Thank You and I’m forever grateful you are a real friend.”

Natalie Cook

Brisbane AUS


“”Thank you for your support and friendship. Over the past 2 years you have guided me to stay true and be transparent in my business. With your insights I turned around my business dealings and am now in a much better position.”

(Working with Mike, he increased his returns on investments including a $15M investment into a $80M sale. It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with him). DP

Mike M

Wellington NZ




  • Conducted by Douglas Peacock
  • 60 Mins In Duration
  • Intense Core Calibration
  • 30min Follow up Calibration adjustment session
  • Easy Booking System
  • Instant Effects
  • Free Email Follow-Up

$225 US/Hr


  •  +Conducted by Douglas Peacock
  • Each Session 60 Mins In Duration
  • Intense Core Calibration
  • 30min Follow up Calibration adjustment session
  • Easy Booking System
  • Instant Effects
  • Free Email Follow-Up

$1,350 US/6 Sessions


  • +Conducted by Douglas Peacock
  • Approx 7 Hrs In Duration
  • Intense Core Calibration
  • 30min Follow up Calibration adjustment session
  • Easy Booking System
  • Instant Effects
  • Multiple Sessions Included
  • Free Email & Phone Follow-Up

$1,700 US

Are You Ready To Open Up To Your True Potential And Activate Your Innate Abilities?

Think about how much time, money, energy and pain you have endured up until now in your life. This is your opportunity to create MASSIVE change in your life

When you can ACCEPT this truth at your core level, you’ll discover how easy it is to have CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY about the direction you want to head in your life. This in itself is a game changer that opens doors  FAST!

You’ll have UNDERSTANDING… you’ll have CALMNESS… and you’ll finally have the CONFIDENCE to overcome any obstacle on your path, because you’ll recognise obstacles are simply an opportunity to peel back another layer of who you are!  

Freedom. Harmony. Peace.

It’s all within your grasp…

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