HI I’M DOUGLAS PEACOCK, welcome to my world! I’m an ordinary guy with extraordinary gifts…or so they say.

Here’s a snippet of my story…

By 1996, I was a Kiwi (NZ) living in Perth, married with two kids, and my own plumbing business. It was that year that everything came crashing down around me. It was also the year my life changed in ways I could never have imagined.

Alone on a building site, I physically collapsed and passed out. I can’t tell you what happened when I was unconscious. It was only for a brief moment but when I came to, I could see the energy and colours around plants and people. Little did I know, that was just the beginning…

That moment and subsequent moments later, I discovered a thirst within to understand energy medicine, human behaviours and neuro science. My unique ability to see and guide people out of their suffering and physical illness took me around the world speaking, teaching and doing consultations.

Quantum Physics tells us that the observer influences the energy to act as a wave or particle, which in turn gets different results. (In a nutshell that means that you affect your reality by your unconscious thoughts and feelings.)

Through my gift. I’m able to see how you are making the energy respond within you and your environment. I can then help you clear the blockage and unhealthy patterns.

As we are made up of energy it helps to understand how it plays out on many different levels and domains.

In changing the vibration or frequency of your energy creates a different response or resonance in your reality.

As a Spiritual Teacher/Coach and intuitive Healer i’ve been blessed to have assisted people from all walks of life, from young children and the everyday Joe, through to Olympic and Elite Athletes, multi million dollar business owners, through to the USA Under Secretary of State after 9/11.

It does not matter in which area of life I work, Energy is Energy and it just comes down to aligning the right frequency.



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