As we travel through life we come across opportunities to take different paths.

Many of us get caught up in the dilemma of which path to choose.

This experience can be a stressful and a traumatic time trying to decide which is the right path to take.

Often we get so caught up in trying to second-guess the future that we lose all perspective of the present.

This is where mentors are of great assistance as they have walked the path before you.

Keys to making better choices.

Stop for a moment and allow yourself to surrender to the situation. Let go of the emotions that are pushing up.

Just be there with what’s going on, be open and loving and ASK for guidance.

A question you can ask yourself is.

If I take path A.  Is it 100% true that I will achieve xyz.

You must be totally honest here as the answer is no it can never be 100% true.

Ask the same question for path B is it 100% true that I will achieve xyz.

Again the answer will be no.

Knowing this about both paths you make your choice from a place of which one do you want to make true.

You then focus on creating that. The point here is to know that on any path nothing is 100% true until it is completed.

Will the path be easy or hard, again neither are 100% true you can choose.

Will it take a short time or a long time, again neither are 100% true you can choose.

Once committed to your choice you will feel lighter and freer.

Neither path is right or wrong.

Each path has the ability to teach you different skills and will just use different ways of helping you.

A destination is a goal that many think is all that the path offers.

But the true gift is who you become on the journey of the chosen path.

All paths are perfect yet not all are the right path for you.

A path that is chosen from fear eventually comes to a grinding halt as you realise it is not what you really desired.

However, all is not lost from having chosen such a path as you have now gained great experiences and teachings from your choice.

The realisation that you choose from fear or peer pressure may have taught you to trust the inner guidance within yourself.

The good thing is you can choose again.

When we come to a fork in our life it is a time to surrender an old way of being and prepare for growth.

We become aware that we must let go of those old emotions and thoughts that things need to be a certain way.

When we let go and open to our inner guidance and trust the process we are always on the right path.

The right path may not always appear as the easiest path but, when we remember it is just a perception of being easy or hard and who we become as we journey makes it possible to endure the obstacles that appear in front of us.

All paths have a way of polishing us to become who we must be.

To Be Ourselves

Another final though When choosing a path consider this.

“See if you can catch yourself complaining in either speech or thought, about a situation you find yourself in,

what other people do or say,

your surroundings,

your life situation,

even the weather.

To complain is always nonacceptance of what is.

It invariably carries an unconscious negative charge.

When you complain, you make yourself a victim.

Leave the situation or accept it.

All else is madness.”

May your choices be made with ease and grace and your pathways be filled with Joy and Gratitude

If you need a hand to speed the process up or shift those big resistances then reach out and contact me.

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Douglas Peacock

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