I thought I’d touch on an age-old problem that so many people struggle with.

Why is it when you desire something and ask for it, You seem to attract the opposite results?
This can be very frustrating and we have all done it yet for most they are often unaware of why.

Here is a basic overview of what you may be doing that stops you from achieving your desired result and what you need to do.

I’m going to make the assumption you know that to create what you want.
You first imagine it and place the image on your subconscious mind ( God or Universe)

You create a clear picture of the end result and connect with the feelings of what it is like having already achieved the desire.

This is where we often go off track.


Remember to use your imagination, not willpower.

Enlisting the powers of your subconscious mind is not like pushing against an obstacle. Working harder does not lead you to better results.
Willpower won’t do it.
Instead, visualise the end result you desire and connect with the feeling state of freedom it produces.


You will find your intellect trying to get in the way, trying to find ways to solve the problem and impose those ways on your subconscious.
Resist this.
Put away your intellectual problem-solving skills.

Persist in maintaining a simple, childlike miracle making faith.

Imagine the emotional gratification of the freedom state you seek. Cut out all red tape from the process, ie: don’t over think it…
The simple way is the best way


Use Disciplined Imagination
The bible says, Whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

To believe is to accept something as true, to live in a state of being it.
As you sustain this mood, you shall experience the joy of the answered prayer.

Guidance comes as a feeling an inner awareness, an overpowering hunch, whereby you know that you know. It is an inner sense of touch. Follow it.


The three steps to success in your Prayer

1. Acknowledge or admit the problem.

2. Turn the problem over to the subconscious mind, which alone knows the most effective solution or way out.

3. Rest with a sense of deep conviction that it is done.

Doubts and hesitations only weaken your prayer.

Do not say to yourself I hope this works.

Your feelings about the work set the tone.

You become effective by becoming a vehicle for the Infinite Healing Power of your subconscious mind.
Give yourself over to its power and relax.
Through relaxation and conviction, you impregnate your subconscious mind, this enables the kinetic energy behind the idea to take over and bring it into concrete realization.


Why you may get the opposite of what you pray for.

Emile Cou`e was a celebrated French psychologist who had many followers in the United States.
One of his important insights was this:

When your desires and imagination are in conflict, your imagination invariably gains the day.

He referred to this as the law of reverse effort.

Suppose you were asked to walk along a narrow plank that was resting on the floor.
You would do it easily, without question.
But now suppose the same plank was twenty feet up, stretching between two walls.
Would you walk it? Could you?

Probably not. Your desire to walk the length of the plank would come into conflict with your imagination.
You would imagine yourself toppling off the plank and falling a long way to the ground.
You might very much want to walk across the plank, but your fear of falling would keep you from being able to do it.

The more effort you put into conquering your imagination or suppressing it, the greater strength is given to the dominant idea of falling.

The thought ” I will use my willpower to overcome my failure” reinforces the thought of failure.

Mental effort often leads to self-defeat, creating the opposite of what you desired.

To focus on the need to exert willpower is to emphasize the condition of powerlessness.
It’s like deciding that you will do all you can to not think of a green elephant.
The decision makes the ides of a green elephant dominate the mind, and the subconscious always responds more to the dominant idea.
Your subconscious will accept the stronger of two contradictory propositions.

Maybe you find yourself thinking:

I want a healing; why can’t I get it?
I try so hard, why don’t I get results?
I must force myself to pray harder.
I must use all the willpower I have.

You must realise where your error lies.

You are trying too hard! Never try to compel the subconscious mind to accept an idea by exercising willpower. Such attempts are doomed to failure. All too often you end up getting the opposite of what you prayed for.
The effortless way is better.

Resolve the conflict of Desire and Imagination.

To use mental force or willpower is to presuppose that there is opposition.
But the act of imagining opposition creates opposition.
If your attention is focused on the obstacles to obtaining what you desire, it is no longer concentrating on the means to obtain your desire.

You will be amazed at how fast things can change once you release this energy.


Enjoy and I look forward to talking with you next time.

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Until next time Take Care

Douglas Peacock

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