What do you do when things all of a sudden go pear shaped (wrong)?

Do you get mad and start blaming?

Do you beat yourself up for not seeing it coming?
Are you able to stay centred and see the good in the situation?

Everything happens for a reason and at times you may not know what the great teaching is yet when you stay open opportunities can come out of the chaos.

Now don’t get me wrong when you are flying along at breakneck speed and all of a sudden the rug gets pulled out from under you, it gets your attention.

I’ve learnt that it doesn’t help you to get mad yet even when you sit in your stillness observing the disturbance in the energy field you witness the buffeting of your old programs.

What I mean by this is I was once blessed enough to have a spiritual teacher rip shreds off me in front of around 40 people.

The experience I had while he was tearing into me was pure peace. Yet the next day I felt emotionally shredded.

The teacher shared with me what I was experiencing and I realised he had been able to see where I was caught and had helped me free myself.

It was just old attachments.

Today it is easier to recognise the programs and let go of any attachments.

Disappointment is just attachment to outcome in a certain way.

When you adjust and see what you have achieved or learnt from a certain experience you can quickly adjust and move into flow with where the energy is trying to take you.

In staying focused on your end desired result allows you to transcend any obstacle with ease and grace. (This does not mean you don’t experience a buffeting irritation, but you just don’t choose to buy into it.)

Stay true to your desire and you will become who you desire to be.

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Enjoy and I look forward to talking to you again soon.

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Until next time

Take Care

Douglas Peacock

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