With the new year underway and reality starting to kick in, do you find yourself contemplating the task of achieving your goals or new year resolutions?

 What are you going to do differently to enable the achievement of your desires?

 What behaviours have you changed?

 What new thoughts and feelings are you embracing and what are you getting rid of?

 In the past have you attempted to achieve these same goals?

 If so what will make this year different?

 One thing we all know is that our old way of being (old behaviours)will push back, and unless you put some structures or processes in place you will find yourself being victim to the old ways.

 Falling back into the same old stories doing the same old thing.

 So what will stop you slipping back into being a victim to the old?

 What will make this year different?

 This is a question I ask myself and clients.

 So today I want to take a quick look at ONE of the keys to help you stay committed and make the change.


For many when you think of discipline you shy away from it because for some reason you think it will mean pain and suffering and being controlled. You may have it linked up in your memory of being yelled at by a parent or teacher or get the image in mind of a Sargent yelling at soldiers.

That is not what I mean when I talk about Self Discipline.

People also associate discipline with that of having to make a sacrifice. In a way, they are correct but often ignorant of the real meaning of sacrifice. The sacrifice you make when applying self-discipline is to give up a lower vibrational behaviour or habit for a high-frequency way of being.

You may sacrifice sitting on the couch watching crap TV or watching other people live their lives. 

For going for a walk or run, or doing some study and learning how to create what you desire.

Self-discipline is about creating freedom.

When we embrace Self-Discipline and do what we say we are going to do, we feel good about ourselves, which raises our self-esteem and that raises our confidence.

You just feel happier.

Through Self Discipline you build your integrity.

Integrity is about doing what you say you are going to do. I’m willing to make an assumption that you are true to your word when it comes to a close friend.

 But how often do you lie to yourself?

Those little promises you make to yourself but break…..

You know you are meant to go for a run but….

Or the story you tell yourself about starting the diet today, and then the next thing you are saying 1 chocolate won’t hurt…

Self-discipline is about doing what you said you would do. It’s about committing to yourself saying you have your own back.

 I’ve been lucky enough to work with elite sports athletes and high 7-8 figure business owners. One of the traits that they portray is a strong Self-discipline and integrity to themselves and their goals. They have the confidence and strength within to take on any problem and find a way to overcome it. They are aware that there is always a solution and if they truly are committed they will find a way.

It may be raining outside or they may feel like crap but if they committed to do something or be somewhere they do it.

 What I’ve noticed working with many people over the years is success follows those who demonstrate self-disciplined and integrity with themselves and others. Nothing is an issue, finding solutions has just become who they are.

The old excuses crumble being left in their wake as the next challenge in life is merely seen as the next step that they know they will conquer because they have the discipline and integrity to back themselves.

 Remember that when you find your discipline slipping or you find yourself travelling down that old road that is not taking you where you want to go.

You have an opportunity to stop and make a choice.

There is no need to beat yourself up as you have already become aware that you have strayed from the desired path. A simple adjustment is all that is required to re-align.

It just shows you where your next step is.

Remember self-discipline is a muscle that when used strengthens.

Being unaware of how you are being (behaving) when off course, is what creates the obstacles holding you back.  

If you want help and truly want to Personally grow and accelerate the realisation of your goals then contact me.

 As with the elite athletes, Successful Business owners and people getting their health back. It was when they were open to discovering how they were being (or showing up), and then making the changes that the results came.

They committed to themselves and had the discipline to follow through.

 I trust this has been of value to you.


If you would like some help with this I’d love to hear from you email me 

Enjoy and I look forward to talking to you next time.

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Until next time

Take Care

Douglas Peacock

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