Depression and how it plays out in the energy field.

Depression or a degree of it is a common experience that many have experienced or are experiencing.

When you are in it’s grasp it can feel very debilating and it feels like there is no way out.

i’ve experienced it and it wasn’t pleasant yet there is a way out if you are prepared to do the work.

I’m sharing this from the experiences I’ve encountered as a intuitive healer with many clients over the past 20 years.

There is a pattern in the energy field.

Some have come to see me for other reasons and the depression energy was released at the same time.

For me depression shows it self as a Werewolf.

This makes sense to me as it would return for clients in cycles. Much like the werewolf only comes out on a full moon.

They would be fine then it would reappear for seemingly no reason.

The other common dominator with clients I found is there is always a deeper wound that had not been addressed.

Most times this wound isn’t even connected to this life time.

When I share the interpretation of the energy from the wound with them, they often tell me that makes total sense as that’s what it feels like.

The insight give the clients a sense of relief as they couldn’t explain why they felt a certain way for no apparent reason.

All to often this deeper wound erupts like a sleeping volcano from within, taking them over and  throwing them into this feeling of depression.

It then slips away back into the depths within to lay dormant until the next cycle occurs

There are many triggers that set the cycles off and they all differ yet the energy plays out the same sending the person into the debilitating gloom of with feelings of helplessness etc.

An example of what I mean is a client came to me for a physical illness and while working with them we unearthed a deep wound.

The energy showed a person being stabbed in the side and having the object broken off inside of them.

The wound had healed over yet every now and then under certain pressure it would erupt and the  depression would rise.

This person had never experienced a physical wound like this in their life yet, the way I described how it would play out made total sense to them because that was their experience in life.

In moving the energy of the deep wound the depression subsided and hasn’t returned.

This is one of many case studies.

This can help you if you experience depression.

Look for the triggers.

Is it a time in the month or year?

Do certain events trigger you?

e.g. christmas, holidays, winter or summer.

Become aware of the cycle and the patterns of behaviour and thoughts that become apparent.

Writing this down can help because it grounds the energy and you can see it from another level.

By doing these simple exercises you will begin to take the charge off energy.

By bringing your awareness onto it, the light from your awareness begins to break up the pattern stuck in your energy field.

You may require help to get to the bottom of it and draw it out fully and know that help is always just a call away.

There is nothing shameful about this dis – ease and it is through  facing this energy, and seeing it  for what it is.

A  scar in your energetic, mental and emotional fields that you through facing it with courage enables you to transcend its hold over you.

Facing this in a safe environment helps you overcome it’s crippling grip and changes your life forever.


Know You Can Heal Your Life.

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Douglas Peacock

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