What goal have you set yourself this year?


Is it to lose weight and get fit, find a loving relationship, create greater wealth or something else?

Most of us set new goals or desire new things and set out with great intentions to make the change needed to achieve it.

Yet if we are like most people, we hit a hurdle not far into the New Year and our goal appears to fly out the window. We slip back into our all too familiar patterns. And whilst we truly do want to achieve our goals, being in the familiarity of what we know mixed with the negative reasons that arise whenever we want to make change, make achieving them a heck of a lot harder.

The familiarity and lies we tell ourself (reasons and excuses why we can’t have what we want) flood our thoughts and feelings and before we know it, we’ve given up and abandoned the goals and desires that gave us so much hope and excitement at the beginning of the year.

The truth is, we can have what ever we want. Yet to have it, we cannot continue being the same old person that we have been being.

The OLD version of ourself is just a construct of energy patterns we put up with or have become comfortable with.  They align with our beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and perceptions that we hold of ourself.

To achieve your New Years goals or resolutions means the old you must metaphorically die, so the new you can be born.

Note: You do not physically die, it’s a psychological death.

What happens is our old patterns hold us in a certain cycle or vibration that accepts a certain way of being. To change to the new you, means you must change your vibration and acceptance of self.

To do this means that there is work to be done, and everyone I work with who does the work are rewarded with more than they ever thought possible.

Let me explain using an example how it all works.

At the beginning of the year, one of the most common goals set relates to weight loss.

Let’s say the goal is to lose 15kg.

Right now Person A weighs 100kg.

That would mean the goal for Person A is to weigh 85kg.

In order for Person A to reach their goal of 85kg, they must sacrifice the behaviours and habits of the 100kg version of themselves. This might mean sacrificing sitting on the couch after work and instead going for a walk/run. It might mean eating a salad for lunch instead of the routine burger and chips.

In order to reach a goal you have never achieved before, you must give up or sacrifice the lower vibrational action for a new higher one.

Think about it…

Someone who is 85kg will probably exercise and have more vitality than an overweight 100kg person.

A 85kg person won’t sit on the couch and devour a whole packet of potato chips or finish an entire tub of ice cream. The 85kg person is sacrificing lower vibration eating patterns for higher vibration healthier choices.

The vibration of the 100kg person can also be mapped to a level of self acceptance and love.

Often the 100kg person carries their extra weigh to protect themselves from where they feel unworthy, hurt, ashamed, guilty or just not whole and loved etc.

The 100kg person may be carrying some hurt or pain that they haven’t been ready to face – until now. And thats OK because by making it a goal they are saying they are ready for change. They are ready to accept themselves and love themselves.

Almost every time I work with a client who suffers from weight issues, the true reason is buried deep in their unconscious. It often has many dis-empowering patterns attached to it, which are like octopus tentacles that pop up out of nowhere pulling them back to their old way of being.

To transcend the old 100kg and achieve the goal of 85kg  means the person must willing face the demon (hurts or beliefs) that has caused the pain to keep them held in the vibration of 100kg.

We have all heard about the obvious steps of changing your diet and exercising – which is necessary. (To desire is not enough, you must also act). Yet very few people recognise that the REAL work happens internally – in the mind and adjusting the feelings we have.

The real change has to happen within a persons thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and attitudes.

The perception that a person holds of themselves must completely change.

To change, we have to see ourselves as a different person, and have gratitude for having already achieved our goal.

We have to be honest with ourselves and recognise that the weight is masking how we truly feel about ourselves. The hurt will be connected to some deep emotion or perception that we have been unable to face or release.

For some people they are not yet aware of what their hurt or pattern is. For others they may have awareness of it, yet feel powerless to change it. This is common with the yoyo dieter or the person whose weight does not seem to budge (regardless of the change of diet and exercise regime implemented).

This happens due to the old energy vibration being held in the persons energy field and by their inability to forgive something from within.

Somewhere inside, they are accepting the non-truth of scarcity or lack and on some level can’t accept themselves as wholeness.

To help unearth that hidden pattern, belief or behaviour follow these steps. They will help you light it up in your awareness.

The First Step in creating true change is to become aware of your THOUGHTS.

In the example of weight loss, pay attention to your internal dialogue. What are you saying to yourself on a regular basis? Keep a journal and write it down. The more you consciously make note of it, the more you will become aware of what you are saying to yourself and the thoughts that are inhabiting your mind.

Note:This exercise can be done in any area of your life you are wanting to change.

For the majority of people, you may be quite surprised at how much negative chatter runs through your mind on a daily basis.

The Second Step is become aware of what EMOTIONS are present

– often these go hand in hand with your thoughts. Again, write them down. Bring them into your conscious awareness.

You cannot change what you are not aware of.

The Third Step is write down what BEHAVIOURS you do when those thoughts and feelings are present.

When we become aware of this third step, we begin to realise why we’ve been caught in the old pattern.

This opens us up for the opportunity to truly change.

Whether it be weight, relationships, finances or any other desire, the energy is the same. The old perception that you held of yourself or your situation is never true right or real. It’s just a perception that causes you to experience your reality as it is. In changing your perception, your reality will also shift.

Consciously choosing new thoughts, emotions and behaviours will strengthen the desired goal and help it move into form.

Whilst it sounds easy, and it is in theory, the discipline of holding the new vibration, sacrificing the old vibration, consciously paying attention to what you are thinking, feeling, and doing can be a challenging task especially if you are trying to do it all alone.

For me as a coach and healer, I clear the old energy vibration so my clients can focus all their attention on what they desire without getting bogged down in the past (or getting caught up in old sabotaging patterns and behaviours).

When an energy vibration is cleared in all areas of a persons life, they are able to easily transcend their old reality and instead align effortlessly with their goals and desires.

This is a simple process and it works every time.

So if you have goals and dreams you want to achieve this year, then first DECIDE and COMMIT to make the change. Seek help to guide you through the process and hold you steady when times get tough.

This year could be YOUR year – the year that exceeds all expectations. But it starts and ends with you.

If you need help, reach out and connect with me.

Here’s to knowing yourself as wholeness and believing this year will be your best year ever.

Douglas Peacock

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