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“6 Years alive anniversary today… I always wake with gratitude to being alive…and to meeting such a special man who enabled a miraculous healing….I came to you with Breast Cancer and it has never returned. Today was an awesome day. Keep doing what you’re doing You’re awesome Thank You ”

Amanda Cunningham

Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Colour Only Salons

“I had a goal to reach my 5th Olympic games. I can’t explain how or what you do with that energy stuff you do, but I know it just works and helped me overcome many injuries and deal with the mental pressures so I could achieve my dream. Thank You and I’m forever grateful you are a real friend.”

Natalie Cook

Brisbane AUS


“I’m so grateful to have found you. I’ve been searching for years and explored many and various avenues for healing but to no avail.  My sessions with you these past few weeks have been just wonderful, they have opened my eyes to so much I had kept inside for years.  You have cleared the energy blockages allowing me to see with more clarity what I need to focus on in healing the health area of my life and you have given me faith in a much brighter future.   I truly feel that I’m on the right track at long last.  How lucky we are to have you here, thank you once again.”

Lynda C

Sunshine Coast AUS


“”Thank you for your support and friendship. Over the past 2 years you have guided me to stay true and be transparent in my business. With your insights I turned around my business dealings and am now in a much better position.”

(Working with Mike, he increased his returns on investments including a $15M investment into a $80M sale. It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with him). DP

Mike M

Wellington NZ

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