With all the white noise out there and everyone vying for your attention it is easy to loose yourself. Loss of focus creates loss of momentum and loss of direction.

You have a great opportunity right now to set 2020 up to be an amazing year and a new way of being this decade.

What would it mean for you to actually achieve your goals this year?

Are you someone who nailed your goals in 2019?

If so you defiantly should feel proud of yourself and will no doubt know its time to raise the bar. To stretch yourself.

If you didn’t achieve your goals in 2019 then all is not lost because if you look at the past year you now have gained some great information. You may see where you were  sabotaging yourself, and with that information you can look at what you can do differently moving forward. Either way you are a winner when you take the information and make the changes.

To help you set your year up for success I wanted to bring to your attention the subtle energies and cycles that affect each of us consistently. Energies we often don’t pay much attention to yet can have a big affect in our results.

Through the awareness of them we are able to make adjustment to our behaviours and perceptions, and this creates better results.

One thing we know is that everything is circular and there are patterns to what we do. Being aware of these patterns can give you a great edge in achieving your goals.

Think about this for a moment.

The seasons they always follow a  certain pattern. spring summer autumn winter a cycle right..

The days in the week, months of the year

They are always in the same order. It’s a universal law

So we know that there are these constants everyday week month and year.

What you may or may not be aware of is that we run cycles inside the energy patterns. What i mean by this is the way you set your days weeks months and year up.

In a day for instance you will notice that there are certain times that you get more done than other times. Lunch is around 12pm for most people. Some people find their energy dropping off around 3-4pm. Some people find they are more productive if they workout first thing in the morning. Others like to train in the afternoon to help de stress. There is no right or wrong it’s just how you use and work with the energy.

When we are aware of these patterns we have an opportunity to consciously change how we behave if we don’t like the results we’ve been getting. We can put strategies in to empower ourselves and use them to our advantage.

Back in 2012 as I was looking at the end of the Mian calendar I shared a talk on the cycles of our planet. I’d been researching Greg Braddens’ work on fractal time.

One such cycle that I found fascinating was the 20 year cycle of presidents in the USA elected in the year ending in 0. A cycle that started in 1840 where they either died of natural causes or were assignated while in office

Image result for US presidents   Elected in 1840 William Henry Harrison died of pneumonia at the age of 68, exactly one month after his inauguration.

Abraham Lincoln  first elected in 1860, was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth just after embarking on his second term in office in 1865.

1880 James A Garfield was shot in the back in a Washington railroad station waiting room in July 1881 and died of his wounds in September 1881

1900 William McKinley was re-elected in 1900. In September 1901, after giving a speech at an exposition in Buffalo, he was shot while shaking hands with well wishers.

Warren G Harding  elected in 1920, expired of a stroke or heart attack in 1923

1940 Franklin Roosevelt   re-elected in 1940 for a third term, suffered a massive cerebral haemorrhage and died just after having started an unprecedented fourth term in 1945.

1960 John F Kennedy was elected in 1960 and assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963.

Ronald Regan who was elected in 1980 was shot but survived

The first break in the cycle


George Bush elected in 2000 survived an assignation attempt when a grenade was dropped in his car but didn’t go off.

There are many theories behind the cause of the cycle but what I wanted to bring to your awareness is that they are real and continually happening and you can change your results.

So what cycles do you run?

Do you have a yearly cycle?  Do you have a monthly cycle that controls how you behave?

A simple one that I ran was training then stopping. I would start training for rugby in January every year  get fit play the season then come September -October and just stop as the season was over.

What it created was a pattern of stop start training. This cycle filtered into other areas of my life. Knowing this I am able to consciously adjust when I feel that I’m at certain phases in the energy cycle.

You can consciously change the cycle and behaviour by becoming aware of patterns, you can then make conscious changes which affect the outcome.

This doesn’t mean the cycles stop. The energy surge you experience will be similar yet when you are consciously aware of the pattern you can change your input which will change the effect it has on you and how it plays out.

When it comes to setting up your year many people make new year resolution only to break them at the first cycle of resistance from old patterns of behaviour within. Take a moment to look at your past behaviours over the last year or so

Maybe you want to get fit and healthy, or want to create new relationships, or be more responsible with your money.

You set your goal and then not far down the track an old cycle pushes up against you with a great temptation to go back to the old way of being. It just seems easier to stay the same. The truth is that it’s not easier to stay the same it just feels familiar.

When you focus on your new goal you are changing your vibrational frequency and that creates a disturbance in your energy field. This new vibrational frequency at first may appear uncomfortable.Image result for energy frequency vibrationThe change in frequency is cause by you wanting to align with your new desired version of yourself. The funny thing is if you stop and look at it for what it is. It’s only uncomfortable if you compare it to the old vibration of how you knew yourself.

In setting a new goal you are saying you do not want to be at that old vibration any longer. If you don’t compare the new feeling is just an experience not good or bad. When you are able to let go and consciously step into this awareness the attachment to the old can release easier.

If you find resistance is rising in you You may find bringing your attention to your breath helps. This will help you come present into the moment and drop you out of your emotions and stories running. As you stay present with it you will find that it helps release some of the old locked up energy within your field and as you lean into not judging it you will find the truth and joy will be present.

It always IS you just need to find it.

So Just To Recap

You always have a choice on how you choose to spend your year. Remember the universe is full of cycles and when you have awareness of the cycles you can adjust to use those cycles to your advantage.

Change may feel hard when you keep comparing and hanging onto the old. When you allow yourself to be the vibration of your desired goal the solutions to achievie it will present themselves. It is trusting yourself to see them. When you come back to your centre in every moment the answers and solutions are always there.

Go out and create amazing things for yourself this year.

Thank you for your presence and please feel free to leave a comment.


I’m Douglas Peacock

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