Raising Your Self Worth.

An all too common comment I hear from clients is how I don’t feel good enough.

 Whether it is in their work or in their relationships, self worth hampers them.

You may look at these people from the outside and think, WOW, they have got their life sorted, great job, money and relationship.

Yet often just below the surface of this illusion lurks the truth.

Stop for a moment and look at your own life. How often have you been going along fine only to have those thoughts and feeling rise from within questioning your worthiness?

Those thoughts and feelings of inadequacy that pull at you, who are you to think you can have that position, charge that amount of money for your services, or expect to have that kind of relationship and be able to do that thing within this relationship.

Self worth is one of the big 3 universal fears that knocks at our door to see whether we truly know who we are.

Self worth hangs out with Abandonment and Non Trust.

The chaos of Low Self Worth in your life can be very debilitating.

Yet there is a way to over come it and find happiness and balance within.

To do this we must first find the cause.

Now the cause may come in many different forms and colours, yet when you look closely at it you will recognize the inability to truly love yourself.


So what causes us to activate the energy of Low Self Worth?




When we start comparing and looking outside of ourselves for validation we begin to find fault in Self, that’s when we run into trouble and experiences the feeling of not being enough.

Typical situations where this occurs are,

When you are concerned that you can’t do the job well enough.


You are worried what other people think of you.


In your relationship you want the other person to approve of you and are constantly checking in for their approval.

(This can make you needy)

The list goes on as low self worth has many flavours and shades.


So what do you do if you experience your low self worth coming up?

I tell people to LOVE IT.


This is usually met with an – are you serious look? Followed by – What do you mean?

When you have self worth issues, judgment will be present.

When you have judgment you are stopping the flow of energy and trying to control things.

With judgment you are making an assumption that something is better than something else.

In other words you infatuate someone or something and shame and guilt the other.

If low self worth is coming up for you, no doubt you also feel shame and guilt inside. Compared to xyz you perceive yourself as less than.

What you need to become aware of is they are not better or worse they are just different.

When you love yourself you come back into balance and see things clearly.

Now this brings up the biggest question I always get asked.


 How do I love myself so I can achieve this balance?


This is a great question, as many people really don’t know how to love themselves or what it really means to truly accept them self.

Loving yourself comes through a feeling of connection within.

No one can do it for you it is something we all must find within.

When you connect with this feeling and consistently come back and connect with it you will experience the feeling of love within and with practice it deepens.

In loving yourself you become whole and a feeling of worthiness within takes up residence that strengthens your confidence and sense of knowing your self.

Rather than trying to explain it in writing,


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I look forward to talking more with you on the other side.


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