Did you know 5 minutes of anger can create 5 hours of destruction in your body?

Listen to the audio below that explains the science and metaphysical consequences of anger and what you can do to neutralise it.

Here’s The Full Transcript:

Everyone has experienced anger from time to time it is just the degree that varies and the way that anger is dealt with.

The energy associated with anger is a powerful raw force that bubbles up from within.

Now there’s nothing wrong with the emotion flowing through its just when we attach meaning to the energy and then try to control or suppress it.

In controlling anger we tend to do one of two things we either project it inward onto ourselves or we project it externally onto others.

When we turn it inward we hurt ourselves usually with shame and guilt type of abuse.

When we turn it outward we usually project our hurt out onto others trying to over power them so we can gain some form of control.

If we did neither of these and focused the energy onto creating a solution we would experience the energy flow through us. This energy  is great for getting things moving.

A bit like a volcano creating the new.

Now a point to make here is, the energy that rises which we call anger usually only last about 10-15 seconds and then it subsides, if it stay longer it is because we are now hanging onto it and using it as a weapon either on self or others.

So lets look at it a bit closer and help you recognise how it may be being destructive in your life.

So what triggers anger and how can we change.

One of the first things we need to become aware of is that when we get angry it is because somewhere in our programming we believe an injustice has occurred.

We think that things should be different than what we are experiencing, someone has done something wrong or we have down something wrong.

Take a moment and think back to the last time you experienced anger was it someone else or yourself.

As you are looking at the scenario notice that as the anger rose, separation occurred  you either separated  the connection with another or separated the connection with yourself.

Something I often ask clients when they are getting all fired up is

Where is love??

This often will stop them in their tracks as they realise that loves left the building probably gone to get a coffee while it waits for the volcanic eruption to pass.

Remember everything is always present in every moment its just what are we focussing on.

One thing we know for certain is that when anger is being projected either externally or internally love is not where our focus is.

Now it’s not about beating yourself up because you realise that you’ve been angry in the past and most probably will be again in the future.

What we need to do is recognise how much damage it causes if left unchecked and what we can do to transcend the old patterns.

Now in the worst cases there is sever physical emotional or mental violence.

Often I share with couples in a relationship having anger issues this analogy.

Anger is like taking a axe to a tree the tree being your relationship.

Yes you may not cut the tree down right there and then, but from the fight damage has been done and one day the anger may flare up and the tree falls over thats it relationship over.

What we need to become aware of is that no-one makes us angry but ourselves.

We have a choice on how to respond and yes someone may be being a dick but that doesn’t mean you have to match them.

As the universe reflects things back to us, things that we are needing to master I use this quick technique to access the core.

I ask myself a question.

Is it them that’s causing the rise in me?

Is it what they are doing or not doing?


Is it what they are saying or not saying?

If it’s them, ask your self.  What do they represent?

If it’s the actions ask your self.  What is it that i’m judging?

If its what they are saying ask your self.  Is it the words the tone or the position from which they are speaking?

ie authority or victim..

That usually shows where there is work to do.

Many of my clients come to me with physical aliments and dis-ease because of blocked energy systems in their bodies from years of storing negative energy and emotions in their field.

I get asked all the time what I do and how does energy medicine work and to be honest its as much scientific as it is mystical.

Whats great about our technological advancements is that there is more and more scientific proof about what I do and how I do it.

There’s evidence to show it is real and it works.

Now the other part about the energy of anger which many people are unaware of is how it affects our physical body


Science has proven how our thoughts, feelings and emotions affect the environment in which we live in. This includes an affect on the cells and genes that make up our physical body.

Research has shown us emotions (like anger) can affect how DNA is encoded in our bodies.

The emotion that we hold in our DNA emits a vibratory frequency that creates pressure within the cells of our body.

Our cells bathe in saline solution and through our negative and positive emotions, scientists are able to monitor the wave forms that they produce.

Positive emotions like compassion, forgiveness and love emit a high frequency vibration that are very complex. They create many high frequency push points on the cells.

Negative emotions like anger, guilt, or shame emit low frequency vibrations and are less complex than their positive counterparts. They create less points of pressure on the cells

So what is the relevance of this to you and I and our physical health.

There now is scientific proof that our emotions have a direct affect on our cells which impacts things like our immune system, our ability to process food, our ability to rid our body of toxins and waste…

For example,

Let me share with you a documented study in relation to our emotions and the immune system

In the journal of advancement in medicine, 3 researchers Glen Ryan, Mike Atkinson and

Rowan McCabe introduced a paper entitled

“The physiological and psychological affects of compassion and anger”

What they did was study over a six hour period The immune perimeter called S Dash I G A

It is present in saliva and the mucous membranes in the upper respiratory system and in our mouth.

What they discovered in the six hour period was in the presence of the emotion of anger was that the immune response was depressed for 5 hours after what had caused the emotion in the first place.

So in other words the subjects were angry for one moment and 5 hours afterwards the immune system was still depressed from that one moment of anger,

What they also found was as that anger was reconciled as it was resolved as it was healed  the S I G A productions increased and it increased continued 5-6hours after wh at had caused the emotion in the first place

What the study essentially said, was the anger inhibited the production of S I G A up to 5 hours after the  emotional experience. It inhibited the bodies natural immune system defence.

Compassion or an equivalent positive emotion on the other hand caused a significant increase in the S I G A levels.

When we experience anger or similar negative emotions, the longer we hold onto those feelings, the longer we inhibit our physicals body ability to protect itself via it’s immune system. And for every minute we hold onto our negativity the suppression time on our immune system is compounded.

10 mins of anger can cause 5-6 hours of immune system ineffectiveness.

The sooner we can move ourselves into a positive emotion like Compassion forgiveness or love, the quicker we can neutralise the negative effect of the anger in our bodies.

Remember, It’s not enough to just not be angry anymore. You have to consciously move yourself into a positive state to improve your S I G A levels and get your immune system operating as is should.

Some people have years and years of anger stored up in their bodies that show up as cancer, diabetes, shingles, thyroid issues, so many different ailments and diseases. But the good news is, YOU can do something about it.

I bet there will be times when you feel angry in the future. We all do. The key is to have awareness of when you are angry and STOP. Take a moment. Reflect on the damage anger is having on your physical body. Choose a different emotion.

Choose an emotion that raises your vibrational frequency. That’s how you will begin to create a much healthier life.

And if you need help in moving your anger, get in touch with me. Sometimes one healing session is all that is needed to remove years of stored negative emotions.

I trust this has given you more information and empowered you to know you can heal your life.

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