Cleansing Your House Of Negative Energy.

  Everyone experiences the energy in the house getting a bit funky from time to time.

Now with so many of us working from home we are bringing the energy of work into our space and this at times is not always the most  uplifting.

Be honest here, have you ever had one of those meetings or calls that just drained you or had you feeling frustrated. I know I have.

So what happens to all that negative energy? It seeps into the walls and the furniture. Have you ever walked into a building and thought oh this isn’t very comfortable. Then again have you walked into some other house and it just feels so lovely and inviting.

This is not just the structure it is the energy in the building. Back when I worked as a plumber, I was fortunate enough to work with an architect who mainly built luxury homes. He was very particular who he let work on his projects. All the trades had a love and passion for their work and that joy was absoubled into the homes. The difference in the end product was amazing you could feel the love and pride in the buildings and the clients loved the end product.

I’ve also witnessed first hand how a client couldn’t sell their house. They would sit at home and brood about being stuck in the house as their partner had moved over seas and was waiting for them there. The longer it took to find a buyer the worse he became. When I drove into his driveway you could feel the negative energy. I the lounge the energy was particularly bad because thats where he would sit at night wishing he wasn’t there. I cleared the energy and was told a lady an young child would come through and they would purchase his home. The speed at which this happened even surprised me, within 4 hours he had a signed contract and was able to start making plans to leave. 

Now I’m not an interior designer so don’t expect me to be giving you styling advice on what furniture to put where or what colours to paint rooms. Yet if you have lots of clutter and old or broken stuff laying around it all has energy and will create blockages. So it helps to clean out old unused things and fix or get rid of old broken furniture. 

So when it comes to clearing negative energy I’m talking straight up energy and are making the assumption you keep your house tidy and relatively uncluttered.


Preparing to cleanse the energy in your house. This is what I use.

  1. Sage Stick and matches or lighter
  2. Bell, Drum or chimes
  3. Tea light candles
  4. Ohm  Chanting Music
  5.  Rose essential oil in spray bottle (or holy water)
  6. Orange essential oil in a defuser


There are 2 types of clearings I do.

The first and most common is what I will share here and I will do in our house every month or two.

The second is removing of entities and more dense energies plus setting up orbs around your home. This takes more work and I personally will do this for people on houses commercial buildings or blocks of land.

At times you may just want to do your office or one room so, Plan your path.

Are you just doing 1 room or the whole house.

If just 1 room have an exit for the energy to go outside through. ie: open the window or door in the room before you start.

If you are going to do the whole house you will need to start at one end and herd the energy out a door or window in the last room .  Ie: guide or push all the negative energy to the last room.

  1. Place tee light candles in the corners of the room or rooms. Make sure that they are safe and wont catch anything alight.                    ie: curtains or blankets etc… The tea light candles shine light in the corners where heavier dark energy resides.





2.  You can also open up cupboard doors to do a more thorough cleanse. I also play the ohm music at this time. Here is a link to the           OM – Meditation Chant

3.  Open up the window or door. Light the sage stick and let it smoulder. Have a container to catch any embers that may drop.     You can use a feather or simple just blow the smoke int the corners and around the edges of the room.                 Starting at the furthers most corner work your way around to the open window or door.





4.Take the chimes or bell and repeat the pattern. If someone is with you, have them follow straight behind you while you are smudging, and have them can ring the chimes, bell or drum .


5. Spray a mist of rose water essental around the room. If you don’t have rose water you can use holy water or the essential oil orange. This cleanses and removes any negative energy left behind.

6.  Optional you can place Himalayan rose salt in the corners of the room and leave there for 48hours and then vacuum it up.

Make sure you remember to blow out all the candles when you have finished.

If you have any questions or are interested in finding out more about working with the energy then please feel free to contact me


Enjoy and I look forward to talking with you next time.

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Until next time Take Care Douglas Peacock

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