Today i’m going to look at how

Life is a game that is played internally and reflected externally.

You may have heard the saying you don’t get what you want you get who you are.

And this is what I want to go a little deeper into.

Now you may be sitting there thinking to yourself

I’ve been doing the affirmation, being positive and trying to picture what I want,

and well my life is still pretty shit at the moment.

So are you saying that I’m shit.

No i’m not, but you are….

Woo settle down tiger let’s have a look at what’s really going on here.

If this caused a rise in you and you are still listening then great it shows you are ready to do something about it. This can be some of the most rewarding yet confronting work you ever do for yourself.

Our life is a reflection of what we believe to be true. A good example of this is school reports for our kids.

The reports don’t show where our child is now they show where the child was through the semester.

Thats why we get our son to set his own report up before the term starts and we tell the teacher what grades he is wanting to achieve, and ask for them to let us know how we can  help them make this possible.

We all run into obstacles or road blocks in our everyday life.

It’s called life and is normal when you are growing and evolving.

It’s not so much about not having obstacles to overcome, it’s more about how you are responding to them.

What attitude do you show up with?

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I like to look at the universe as one big malleable mirror that is continuously reflecting back to us what we really believe to be true.Everything is a reflection of what you are believing within you

and your energy field.

What you focus on draws that toward you and guess what you manifest it into your reality..

I hear a lot of people saying they want to have abundance in their life.

My reply is you already do have abundance.

They would say well how come I don’t have much money.

I would say to them what is the thought that you keep thinking about money.

Oh that life is a struggle and I don’t have enough money.

And what is your reality.

That life is a struggle and I don’t have much money.

Woo hooo congratulations you are receiving an abundance of what you believe.

The universe is serving you perfectly.

Now you may think i’m being a smart arse. But I’m not I’m just removing the bullshit and letting you cop it sweet by  looking at your reality you have to stop and take responsibility to  what’s going on inside.


It’s not personal. The universe just reflects.

If you want good, you need to know yourself as good.

If you want to be financially rich then you need to know yourself as financially rich.

If you want to have a loving relationship  you need to have a loving relationship within.

If you want to be fit and healthy you need to know yourself as fit and healthy.

So if you look at your life now,  What does it look like for you?

How are you treating yourself?

If you’re not sure look at how others treat you.

They are the universe reflecting back to you.

What could you be doing differently?

This is why I love working with energy so much.

Because it’s not personal and it can be an amazing teacher.

When you get to see that you are either learning from it, or learning how to be with it better.

Either way you win.

Here’s an example of what I mean.

My 11 year old son plays tennis and I took him down for a game and to practice

Image result for Tennis

We were playing a game and his shots kept going out

He was beginning to getfrustrated with himself and me.

So I stopped him and said hey mate when you step onto the tennis court for a competition game what’s the purpose of you playing.


He said to win.

I said right and when your opponent is stepping onto the court what are they wanting to do.

He said win.

I said right so can you see that it’s not personal.

You are both just trying to achieve your goal.

Now the game of tennis is just an energy.

Inside the rules of the game you can do what ever you like with the energy.

I said to him

You have your coach who shows you how to hit the ball with great technique and as you master the technique you become a better player within the game and energy of tennis.

Your technique is you learning how to master the energy of the game of tennis.

Playing games against other people is how you are learning to be with it better and as you do you master the energy and keep moving towards the highest level.

I asked him did he notice how certain tennis players get angry and have tantrums  he said yes and he didn’t like how they behaved.

I said they forgot the first rule. It’s not personal. 

Image result for TennisWhen they forget that rule the energy of tennis will be a teacher for them.

He though about it for a moment and we went back to playing.

He ended up playing a lot better enjoyed himself and ended up beating me…..

This happens in all areas of life.

We live in  an abundant universe and it is continuously giving you an abundance of what you believe.

So you need to pay attention to what’s showing up in your life and how you are responding.

Like I said before you will always have obstacles show up in life that’s how you know you are growing.

What’s important is the attitude that you bring when responding to them.

Heres a tip if you are getting worked up or have resistance with something or somebody then you have an opportunity to grow.

Look at where you are being caught.

Are you taking it personal?

Is the energy there to teach you so you can learn from it

or is the energy helping you be with it better and master the game so you can play it at a higher level.

Both are perfect.

Something I always look at first when an obstacle is in front of me is.

I stop and ask

What am I believing within that has  bought this situation into my reality.

I then thank it, and release it, and then choose again.

A common area that people have this play out is in their careers.

We are energetic beings who are consistently drawing toward ourselves what we believe and desire.

I’ve seen people who have lots of work and they will say i can’t handle any more

Then a few weeks or months go by and they are saying works to quiet.

They are unaware that they are still sending out the signal that please don’t send me work because i’m too busy.

Remember its a loving universe if you don’t want work then the universe will take it away.

Watch what you are asking for.

A client once said to me that they were wanting to go for a promotion at work but were scared they wouldn’t get it.

They then continued on by saying how unkind a fellow work mate had said to them oh don’t apply because you wont get the job.

They were so angry at the person.

I asked them to stop for a moment and look.

The person was just being the universe reflecting back  what you had been saying to yourself.

It wasn’t personal.

My client just needed to see what message they were unconsciously sending  out.

Depending on how aligned you are depends on how fast you can turn things around.

Often with my clients I ask them to play with this. To see how aligned they are.

They are amazing at manifesting their desires, and often I will receive an email or message within the hour saying they have just achieved it.

The size of the desire doesn’t matter.

So just to recap.
Remember it’s not personal
You are either learning from it.
Learning how to be with it better.

You are always in abundance so if you do not like what you have an abundance of

Take a look at what you are being shown by your reality.

You can then adjust, And always be in gratitude…

I will cover that another day.

Thank you for your presence and if you got something from this please leave a comment and feel free to share it.

I’m Douglas Peacock and you can find me @ Douglas Peacock .com


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