In today’s Blog, we’re looking at overcoming the energy of stubbornness

I’m going to cover off

What it is

How it plays out

What you need to do if this shows up for you

Have you ever experienced a situation where you are going through your day enjoying yourself only to bit hit by a situation or comments that just plan annoyed you?

You feel the discomfort rise within you creating frustration or worse, and that joyful feeling you were experiencing just slips away and evaporates often followed by your productivity and ability to focus.

The trigger can be small yet create major discomfort.

The internal mental and emotional dialogue associated with such a situation is often not pleasant yet for some, rather than finding a solution they feel helpless and get caught in the negative energy cycle.

They’re caught in a shit sandwich feeling and carry it around with them eating it over and over again

Crazy really,  yet no doubt you may have been guilty of doing just that.

For some reason, you just couldn’t let it go.

Damn it you think why did Blah Blah Blah and off you go eating the sandwich.

So why would we do you this?

Often it is the energy of stubbornness lurking beneath the surface of your awareness.

You don’t want to be told or to change something and you hold on tight….

When you are triggered your body-mind (unconscious mind) kicks into gear accessing information from you memories sending signals to the brain which in turn releases chemicals that make you feel a certain way which causes more negative thoughts and away the cycle goes, which spins you around and if you are not consciously aware of what happened, then you begin the downward spiral energetically facing the wrong way and you begin using force to control the thoughts and feelings rather than the higher vibration of power to overcome the situation.

This is so common and most people are unaware that they are even doing it.

A few of my clients have been unconsciously doing just this lately so I thought I would share with you what energetically is going on.

Sadly for many people who have left it unchecked for so long, it can manifest into physical illness, financial or relationship turmoil before they start to do something about it.

The good thing is you can stop it before that happens to you.

Let me explain what tends to happen

You experience a trigger, naturally, you will internally begin searching for the best way to come back into balance or harmony.

This is where the journey can go from being enjoyable to being hard and painful depending on your choices and actions.

At this stage, you will step into one of the following energies.

Courage or Resistance.

With courage, you start down the pathway of power looking for solutions

Where as using resistance to overcome the obstacle you start down the pathway of force to control the situation.

Using resistance we can often push through the initial emotions of the situation and try to continue on as normal.

However, it takes a lot of energy to hold the resistance down.

A bit like holding a beach ball underwater.

If you continue down the pathway of force you find the energy becomes more constrictive and less flexible.

The related negative traits or emotions that follow resistance are stubbornness, pigheadedness, defiance through to self-righteousness.

Usually accompanying these traits are the not so lovely emotions like frustration anger resentment and jealousy

Not a great place to hang out right yet most people have experienced this.

As you may have noticed the energy becomes more and more constricted and when you step back and look you realise how close-minded and controlled by fear of loss that you have become and how much energy it drains from you as you are holding on so damn tight trying to achieve your outcome or to be right.

This constricted energy lowers your vibrational frequency which dilutes your ability to attract what you want toward yourself and life becomes a fight or struggle.

Which intern draws more of these negative situations into your life leaving you in a constant battle.

I know it kinder sucks yet so many people get stuck in this cycle and it is the subtle energy of stubbornness that’s stopping them from changing.

The trick is to recognise where you are running this pattern and then have the courage to want to change it.

This is where I have helped so many people turn around their health, relationships and finances by clearing the energy, and I can help you also.

Now when you follow the path of power you move into the uplifting frequency of courage and being vulnerable.

You access the ability to step into the energies of focused, grit, determination and right through into the energy of fortitude.

Along this pathway at each stage you find yourself letting go of old outdated perceptions that you’ve held onto and with an open mind, you’re willing to bend and be malleable becoming stronger and flexible in your thinking and emotions

This expansive energy raises your vibration and creates a greater magnetic attraction bringing your desires and dreams toward you.

There is a greater acceptance of everything as you realise it just is.

Take a minute and look at the different areas in your life to see where you are being stubborn.

It may only appear to be small yet it’s amazing how much effect it can have on your life and results.

Ask yourself what would it take for me to let go and step into courage.

Follow your inner guidance.

Share with me in the comments below a situation where you had this show up for you and how you went with it.

Remember if you have anything particularly challenging that you are serious about overcoming then do me a favour.

Don’t let stubbornness hold you back from reaching out contact me.

You will be amazed at how fast things can change once you release this energy.

Enjoy and I look forward to talking with you next time.

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Until next time Take Care

Douglas Peacock

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