Honesty takes courage and at times it may sting when you have it presented to you, yet it always sets you free.
Are you able to be honest and speak openly when you are not at peace with a situation?
Or do you make excuses and reasons why….
At times we believe we are being honest with our perception of what’s going on, yet we can be clouded by the non-truths we tell ourself.
I have a saying, Can you be Bone Raw Honest with what’s really going on.
Here’s what I mean:
Years ago when I was still a plumber I was listening to an audiobook in my truck by Carolyn Myss on, Why people don’t heal.
The tape got stuck and kept playing over and over again on this one track.
Guess there was a lesson here.
At the time I had just been through a marriage separation and my ex-asked if I could look after the kids this one night.
While driving to her house I was listening to the recording and Carolyn asked a question.
If you are bone raw honest why are you doing xyz..
Now as this sank into my consciousness I began to ask why?
Not long after arriving at my ex’s house we ended up having an argument to which I stormed off and again in the truck, the question was asked.
If you are bone raw honest why are you doing those actions?
It hit me like a ton of bricks the real reason I said I would look after the kids was because I hoped my ex would see how nice I am and would want to get back together.
Acknowledging this I was able to stop with the bull shit stories I was telling myself and be there for the kids.
I turned the truck around and went back and told her the truth.
We didn’t get back together and I know it wasn’t about that. She was being a beautiful catalyst to help me learn this teaching of being honest with what’s really going on.
It may not always feel the easiest but it does free you and people appreciate the truth.
Often we say to ourselves Oh I won’t do xyz because (and then comes a BS story)
The story is a non-truth that we choose to believe because we are afraid to be truthful with ourselves.
Yet when we stop and be honest we often see there is an ulterior motive or fear controlling us.
Facing the truth frees us and the issue or obstacle that we were projecting our discontent onto just dissolves into nothing.

May you have the courage to set yourself free with ease and grace and experience your life filled with Joy and Gratitude

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Douglas Peacock

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