Reading this quote,  I found myself pondering the statement,

“The constant assertion of a belief is an indication of fear.”

Looking at the statement you acknowledge it from a certain level of awareness and understanding.

When we are able to understand from our level of awareness it frees us from the fear.

By embracing the understanding through your awareness the fear dissolves or is transcended which raise your level of awareness to new possibilities.

The constant assertion of a belief on one level is to be projecting that belief out into the universe as you want to know it as truth.

We will find there are those that align with that belief, those that don’t and others will be neutral.

For you to be asserting a belief shows that you are attempting to bring it into a place of certainty within yourself.

If this belief is driven from a place of comparison you will find that, the fear lies within the comparison.

For in the comparison you experience separation.  In separation lies the universal fear of abandonment and rejection.

Through this acknowledgement you can see that the resistance or comparison is showing you where you are not, or where you do not know yourself as wholeness.

The resistance is the expression of lack (of something missing)

When you acknowledge where the lack is your next step is to fill that lack with the love of your Self. This is done by filling the space with light (SELF).

In doing this the need to assert the belief would no longer be necessary as you would be whole within it, and the comparison would be just seen as different ways moving toward a similar outcome.

You are then able to move forward towards your goal or desire without resistance as you have removed the fear on that level of consciousness.

Looking at the statement from another level, it makes perfect sense.

“The constant assertion of a belief”, is and indication of fears being bought about by you wishing to achieve a goal and desire.

For you to attain that achievement of your desire, you must let go of the old belief that doesn’t align with your new desire.

Hence as you begin aligning with the new desire, the old way of being within is fearful of the unknown, realising the old way must die to fully embrace the new belief(desire-goal).

It’s natural for fear to rise as you embrace the belief you desire.

Everywhere that you do not yet believe this belief to be true, would be pushing up against your terror barrier (your old belief systems). This is where you feel uncomfortable as you break through the old resistance.

This is where many people get caught by sabotaging patterns of procrastination as they experience the resistance and stop asserting themselves into owning the new way of being.

It is where you fall back into the lower level of consciousness of lack and scarcity, because you can not yet see your desired result in the material world yet.

Through realising this you are wise to keep your focus firmly directed at your end result.

In doing this, when the fears push up against your focus, and attempt to take you from your path they fall helplessly by the wayside.

This subtle shift in perception shifts you into a place of power, by focusing on your end result and being present in the moment to deal with what’s in front of you right now.

Each step builds strength and fortitude into becoming that which you desire.

This strength assists you as you overcome the discomfort rising from the old way of being as it collapses in on itself.

Once you truly become that new belief it will be a natural occurrence in your life and the assertion will have stopped because now it is just the expression of who you are.

All the fear will have been transcended.

You are then ready to start on the next level of Self expression in your constant and never ending growth and evolution.

I wish you all the Joy and grace as you journey your path of Remembering.

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