We’ve all experienced obstacles that just keep trying to stop us achieving our desired goal.

We go to take action yet no matter what we do something appears to block the pathway be it an external thing or the negative thoughts and feelings within.

This can be bloody frustrating and hinder our progress.

It is a common problem that many of my clients experience and plays out in many different ways, be it finances, career, health, relationships or self love, and we help them over come it.

So first up we need to untangle this energy and put you back into the drivers seat of your life.

All to often we find ourselves at the affect of things rather than creating our desired effect.

To break it down we need to understand a few basic concepts.

Everything is made up of energy and everything vibrates or has a frequency.

For a blockage or obstacle to be present there must be misalignment in the energy field.

Ok now back to simplifying this.

When you get an inspired idea and have a desire to create a certain goal you will naturally feel energised and take action. (hopefully)

The Desired idea is the first step and it carries its own energy (frequency) that’s why you feel so energised and full of life, as your mind runs through all the scenarios to achieving the goal.

Now its important to ground this energy when you get the inspired idea otherwise you loose it or it deflates.

We ground it by taking some form of action toward the goal.

Ie: write it down make a call to someone that could help you and set up a meeting etc….

The initial energy from the idea often creates a level of success straight away and this gives us the drive to continue pursuing the goal.

The next stage is when the resistance starts to arrive.

This shows us where we are out of alignment with the desired outcome, and that’s a good thing because that creates growth within.

Think about it this way if you are usually vibrating at the value of say $10k and only know yourself as that,  your life will be reflecting $10k experiences.

However your new desired goal is to be vibrating at $100k.

To achieve this you will have to give up the old way of being that associates you with the $10k, and begin aligning yourself with the new frequency of $100k.

Pretty straight forward right.

We think YES I want to do that.

Yet the old patterns of behaviour and beliefs about yourself and your worth start to fight back, because they like being at $10k it feels familiar.

It may suck but you are use to it.

These patterns are like a really close acquaintance and they don’t want you to change and leave them behind so they attempt to hold you in place.

The obstacles that begin to arise are all in alignment with the old way of being and they know how to make a lot of noise by telling you whats wrong and why it won’t work.

What they are attempting to do is to draw your attention away from your new desired goal and back onto them because they know when you are focusing on them, that’s where your energy goes.


Here’s the key on how to deal with this.

When we came up with the new desire and focused on the goal our energy or frequency aligned with that and we began to draw it to ourselves.

The Key here is keeping our focus on the goal, and as the saying goes where your focus goes the energy flows.

When the obstacles or doubt arise we take our attention off the goal and put it on the obstacle and try to overcome it.

What this does is stop the flow of energy toward our desired outcome, and puts it on the obstacle or problem in front of us.

By focusing on what’s wrong we draw more obstacles to us as they are now what we are focusing on.

What we need to do is practice keeping our focus on the goal we desire, while being present with what we are dealing with right now in front of us.

When we do this we take responsibility and deal with whats in front of us yet keep moving toward our desired outcome.

Naturally and effortlessly the pathway to overcome the obstacle appears for us to take action on.

A good way of doing this is to have the intention to FEEL GOOD.

Dr Wayne Dyer said,

As God created everything good,

Then everything must be good and by feeling good we naturally are setting our intention to stay connected to God, the divine, universe or what ever you want to call it.

Try this simple practice and it will make a big difference in your life.

Feeling good and worrying about an obstacle at the same time isn’t possible.

By feeling good you open yourself up to the answers of what is the next right action step to take is,and you naturally gravitate toward it.

Your focus will naturally come back to the end goal which makes you feel good.

Inside your physical body the thoughts cause your brain to release chemicals into your body and intern this makes you feel good which creates  good thoughts all in all it creates an upward cycle.

Practice this and you will definitely benefit.

If those old patterns are causing you grief and you would like a hand to speed things up and  break free then contact me and I would love to help you overcome them.

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