Have you ever experienced the disheartening experience of the dreaded unwanted behaviours taking hold?

We’ve all heard of the person who says they are going to lose weight and eat healthily.

They start out great in the morning going for a walk or run eating a salad for lunch and light meal for dinner only to find themselves with their head in an empty bag of potato chips or bar of chocolate by 9 pm….

What happen they think? It was like they were taken over by some unseen force.

Can you relate has this been you?

Well actually that’s not far from the truth and yes I’ve been there as well and realised that willpower was not enough to break the unwanted behaviour.

To change anything one must be aware that one is BEING A CERTAIN WAY.

What do I mean by being a certain way?

Most of us are totally unaware that we are even doing certain things because they are so in grain we don’t even think about it.

Some of the traits are great and empowering and others well not so great and disempowering.

A good way to find out how you are being. Is to look at your results.

One pattern that often comes up with clients is they keep finding that different people in different situations keep treating them a certain way and they don’t like it.

I would ask them what’s the common dominator in all these events?

They finally say it’s themselves.

So I ask what must you be being to keep creating the same result?

Often it’s an argh ha moment when they become aware of how they are showing up.

Change is then able to be made.

So as I said first you need to become aware of how you are Being

Then one needs to require the desire to change that behaviour.

To merely desire to change does not have the power to create the change as often the behaviour runs very deep within one’s psyche.

To focus on the old behaviour will only create more of the same.

A commitment to face the truth and to set a new path is required.

A new pattern or behaviour needs to be acquired to generate a new outcome.

Firstly to make change requires a decision and with that decision, one must commit to taking action. 

Any action will not do, one must become aware of right action in alignment with the universal laws.

For it is when things are done within the Universal laws, that desired outcomes appear.

When we look at one’s behaviours that need changing, we look at the thoughts you are thinking to create that behaviour.

What is it that you are believing to be true?

By becoming aware of the thoughts you create a space to change them. First, stop and write down the negative thoughts associated with a certain behaviour, and you will highlight the unconscious pattern which you are believing within.

Becoming aware of these thoughts you will then have the opportunity to change them to more empowering thoughts.

By also looking at the feelings you are having in association with the thoughts and behaviours you will become aware of another unconscious pattern playing out. These are the feelings or emotions that are being triggered within.

These can often be triggered by the thoughts, but also the energy of a situation can trigger them even before a thought has risen. this is due to memories of past experiences which have had an effect on you.

Many people overlook how they are being affected by the energy of a situation or other people and have no clue as to what’s triggering off a certain disempowering behaviour.

It is scientifically proven that we are affected by the energy in the environment which we find ourselves.

When we become aware of the effect the energy is having on us we are on our way to being able to change things.

The energy affects us due to the perception that we have of it, and that perception comes from our beliefs and attitudes caused by a memory of a past experience with a similar energy.

Remember we are always in charge and do not need to be affected by the energy if we are able to allow it to just pass through.

This is done by surrendering to any judgements that we have associated with what it means etc.…

The Universal Law of Allowing keeps us open to the natural flow of good that is always present.

When we get caught with our thoughts or feelings we create a resistance to allowing the good to flow.

To become aware is only the first step.

One must also acknowledge that yes this is affecting you and there is an underlying trigger within your psyche which needs to be released.

The suppressed emotion beneath the surface may at times appear too overwhelming to face so one keeps them pushed down trying to manage and participate in life.

It is through the acknowledgement of these suppressed or repressed emotions that one may finally set them self-free from the unhealthy behaviours that disrupt one’s life.

Through the process of surrender, letting go and allowing without judgement that the energy is set free.

Through the willingness to surrender and allowing, the charge will be released.

It is helpful to know that most intense energies release within 90 seconds of surrendering and allowing them unrestricted flow which opens up space for good to appear.

It is helpful to have someone who is trained in this to help you step through the process with ease and grace as your subconscious mind will try to keep you from change.

The universe is always for your upward growth and resistance comes from our inability to receive that good.

Our worth requires strengthening to allow ourselves to receive all the good we desire.

This too is a muscle which we must build.

Here is a pdf that you can download to help you with the questions to help you make the changes.

If you would like help breaking those old behaviours and creating what you desire then reach out and I’d love to help assist you.


Enjoy and I look forward to talking with you next time.

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Until next time Take Care Douglas Peacock

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