Is it a communication problem or something else?

Is it a communication problem or something else? People have been coming to me with relationship issues where the communication has broken down and to be quite honest they are simply abusing each other. 9 times out of 10 one or both parties are stuck on something that...

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Protecting Your Energy And The Myths

Do You Believe You Need To Protect Yourself? A question I often ask when this comes up is what are you believing to think that you need protection? Darkness can only be where light is not. When you know yourself as the light the darkness cannot penetrate it. In this...

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Breaking Unwanted Behaviours

Have you ever experienced the disheartening experience of the dreaded unwanted behaviours taking hold? We’ve all heard of the person who says they are going to lose weight and eat healthily. They start out great in the morning going for a walk or run eating a salad...

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What’s Blocking My Desired Outcomes?

I thought I'd touch on an age-old problem that so many people struggle with. Why is it when you desire something and ask for it, You seem to attract the opposite results? This can be very frustrating and we have all done it yet for most they are often unaware of why....

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How To Break Your Stubborn Cycles

In today's Blog, we’re looking at overcoming the energy of stubbornness I’m going to cover off What it is How it plays out What you need to do if this shows up for you Have you ever experienced a situation where you are going through your day enjoying yourself only to...

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