Are You Sick Of Feeling Tired?

Do you lack the energy to get up and going in the morning?

Or do you find that you run out of Energy in the afternoon?

There can be more than 1 reason for this.
It could be your nutrition but I’ll save that conversation for another day.

Today we are having a quick look at where you are spending your energy.

We are all connected to a natural flow of energy that passes through us consistently.

Think about it when you are doing something you love you feel energised and can energy is not a problem.

Yet when you are doing something you don’t enjoy as much you find your energy gets sluggish and you feel tired.

So why does that happen.

The consistent flow of energy is the same  so it has to come down to how you are allowing it to flow in and where is it going…

For the sake of the explanation I’m going to use money as the currency of energy.

Imagine that everyday you get $100 worth of energy.

Now when you are in flow and loving life and feel full of energy you are using about 50% or $50 worth of energy to run your body for the day.

The other $50 you put in a energy savings account. So all going well you are saving energy for times you may need extra.

How are you spending the energy you are receiving?

Where things go astray is when you start leaking energy.

Each day you get your $100 but you are leaking energy out through your thoughts and emotions.

For example say you don’t get on with a person you work with and you are having negative thoughts towards them that cost $5

You’re worried about your finances $10

You saw a person yesterday and they reminded you of something that happened at school that you are still holding a grudge over $10

which bought up stuff of unworthiness $20

You had a disagreement with your partner and it really annoyed you $15

The boss just moved the deadline on the project you are working on ahead and now Stress is really kicking in $20

You don’t feel confident because of your weight or appearance $20

and the list can go on.

As you can see you have already spent your daily allowance and it’s not even lunch time yet…

So you have to dip into your energy reserves.

If we have to do this on a daily bases the bank account becomes empty and then we start taking energy from parts of the body functions.

Which in time turns into burn out or dis-ease…

You Need To Stop And Take Stock

Like budgeting you need to look at your expenditure and be Bone Raw Honest With Your self.

Are you making good investments with your energy or are you wasting it?

This is where I help a lot of people be honest.

Do you need to forgive someone or yourself?

Do you need to learn how to say NO?

Can you TRUST yourself to make the hard call to get your energy back.

If you are leaking your energy, (and most people are) it is a form of abusing yourself and you don’t need that.
You are LOVE and LOVED, you just need to Remember YOU to begin HEALING YOUR LIFE.

Awareness is the first step of change.

It is through the action steps in being loving to yourself that you change.

A good place to start is when you have a negative thought stop.

Say that is not loving to me and I forgive myself then hand over the negative thought to the universe.


Choose a inspiring positive uplifting thought.

Remember the flow is always there it is just us blocking the flow or leaking what we receive through our old patterning.

Take the time to plug the holes and your energy will be restored.
I wish you all the Joy and grace as you journey your path of Remembering.

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