Or are you missing out on opportunities because you are resisting them?

It’s amazing how often we walk straight past an opportunity because we are caught up in some story in our head or busy being important.

Science has proven that when we are under stress the negative emotions weaken us physically by up to 50% and stress narrows our ability to see physically and mentally.

Stress makes it harder to see opportunities because we become constricted in our view or outlook and lower vibrational energy frequencies build up resistance within us.

I bet that you’ve experienced times when you were relaxed and having fun, things just flowed easily and you felt alive.

In this state, we are open and receptive.

Think of another time when you were caught up in the illusion of things being serious.  The energy that accompanies this is stress and restriction often by being worried about what others might think. You can feel tense and flustered, you’re so caught up in how you think things should be that you block the natural energy flow.

Honestly, when we are like this we are grumpy and feel drained and often do a crap job.

Are You Listening?

Or are you consumed by the noise in your head that you can’t hear?

We are consistently getting messages and opportunities presented to us yet many go unseen or acted upon.

It’s not right or wrong yet when we start asking different questions and open our awareness up we will see the gifts there for us.

Have you ever gone somewhere, maybe to hear someone talk and the talk was interesting yet it was only the catalyst for the real gift.

Because you met someone at the event and they ended up being a great client or friend….

Looking back you can see that the reason you went to the talk was to meet that person.

You may think really….. I’ve been looking yet there isn’t any benefit or opportunities coming to me.

Even these such thoughts create resistance

Have you ever stopped and thought that maybe you were the gift to someone else, if you could allow yourself to be open. Just you being at the event or that one thing you said really helped someone.

You may never find out but you influenced their life for the better.

We all want to be of service.
When we remember this, we always have an opportunity to give and receive.

I was blessed a few months ago when I bumped into someone who I hadn’t seen in years and they shared that we had, had a conversation at an event and I had said xyz .

I thought to myself ok I can’t remember that.

They continued to inform me that it really helped them through a tough spot.

You never know when you are being of service to others by just being you.

Opportunities are always present and it comes down to asking yourself.

May I be open to the opportunities.

My intention when I go anywhere is to be the best energy I can be.

Sometimes I’m quiet and intentive, other times the energy is playful, and at other times it may challenge opinions.

Whatever is required  I’m always open to being of service for the opportunity.

Here are some steps to help you uncover the opportunity if you have a desire.

The first step is to ask.

If there is something you want then ASK for it.

Once you have asked then move to step 2. Many get stuck just continuing to ask and miss the answer.

The second step be open 

Be open to what comes your way. Often we judge what comes to us and miss the opportunity it presents.

The third step takes action

Be willing and take action. This may push you out of your comfort zone or rut.

Sometimes at first, it may appear to be the opposite of what you want yet by being open to what you receive you will clear the resistance to receive what you asked for.

Ie: Working with a client they shared with me that they hated their job and wanted more money.

So they did Step 1 and asked.

The following week they were made redundent from their job.

Step 2

Realising the universe was responding they took action and started looking for a business opportunity.

Driving home from an opportunity they had a car accident (their fault) only to find out that their insurance had expired the previous week.

They expressed quite a bit of anger at our next chat, yet were willing to take responsibility and look for what was there for them.

They informed me that the new opportunity looked great but needed money to get started. Fixing the car would take the money they needed to join the business opportunity.

We looked deeper into what was being revealed to them.

They shared that their relationship with their parents was nearly non-existent.

Even though the clients’ relationship with their parents had been strained at best for many years, they said they would have a talk with them.

Step 3

Focusing on their desire and business opportunity which had been presented to them they were willing to be vulnerable and tentatively approached their parents. After an honest conversation, the air was cleared and the relationship healed.

The parents loaned them the money and the business turned out to be amazing. They were the happiest they had been in years and were able to pay everything back quickly enjoying the greater financial income.

They admitted to me many months later that had it not been for being put in the situation they would never have dealt with the relationship with their parents.

They laughed that it was a blessing in disguise

Remember the opportunity may not be what you first think, often it is so much more.

Note: This does not mean that you have to go through a tough time to enjoy an opportunity.

The more open you are to letting go of the resistance that holds you from your desire the easier and shorter the transition will be.

If you would like help to speed up the release of these hidden resistances contact me.

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Douglas Peacock

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