Let’s face it we are all looking to improve our lives for the better.

It’s natural. Yet all too often we find ourselves getting knocked way out of alignment.

Do you desire more love in your relationship, or maybe even have a relationship?

Are you looking for financial wealth?

maybe bringing money in isn’t a problem but growing it is.

Do you desire more clients or even a client?

Is it better health you want?

Being able to rid yourself of a certain dis-ease, or getting learn fit and in shape.

One of the things I see every day in my work is people looking to improve and create what they want.

What you may or may not be aware of is how much we are all affected by energy and the frequency that we are resonating at.

We are naturally drawn to that which is in coherence with our vibration and we repealed away from that which is not.

Let me explain:

If you have happy thoughts and feelings  you will naturally be putting off an uplifting frequency (You could call it good vibes)

On the other hand

If you are having the negative self-talk and feeling down you will naturally be putting off a lower heavier frequency ( you can call this bad vibes.)

We have all been around people who feel light and uplifting as well as those who you feel heavy around or just plain drained.

The more we are around people who are resonating at a higher vibration the easier things seem to flow.

The higher vibrations make it easier to attract in what you desire as you move into a more loving state and level of acceptance.

Being in the presence of these higher frequencies is also great to help raise your vibration as the light burns off lower negative vibrations.

Most people in these higher states are solution orientated and can see past obstacles.

On the contrary, if we find that we are surrounding ourselves with people who are constantly looking at the negative or heavier vibrations then you will begin to find it hard to stay in the higher vibrational frequency you desire.

From an energetic point of view when you are hanging out in the lower vibrations you need to be aware of what’s happening.

Imagine you are like a clean sponge and when you go and hang out in a negative environment.

This could be as simple as someone being angry or having strong negative thoughts about someone or something.

What happens is the energy being projected out is like a heavy dense sludge and you as the sponge soak it into your field.

This is why if you hang out there too long you become tired or start having lower vibrational thoughts.

The negative feedback from this is it’s harder to attract in what you desire or stay at the higher frequency.

If you experience this the quickest way to cleanse yourself is to energetically burn by becoming very present.

Another key to be aware of is that as you begin to align your energetic frequency with your desired outcome is that any belief or emotion that you are holding that does not resonate with the new frequency will loosen up and come to the forefront of your consciousness.

This can be uncomfortable and tend to knock you off balance.

To realign yourself it is best to bring your awareness to the disturbance you are experiencing become aware of the emotions present and let them go.

When we truly let them go we feel light and uplifted and will notice the negative self-talk will become quite.

As this occurs you will find that you naturally begin to realign with the desired frequency.

Note: it is not unusual for many different emotions and thoughts to arise and need to be let go as you reach for your desires.

Wishing you all the best for your growth.

If you would like a hand to speed the process up or shift those big resistances then reach out and contact me.

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Douglas Peacock

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