Are you totally aligned with your belief in your desire?

When I say totally i mean 100%.

If there is even a small percentage that does not believe your belief then the answer is no.

The importance of this is what is the difference between success and failure.

We’ve all heard of people going to seminars and walking over hot coals without burning their feet, so how do they do this.

The people running the seminar build the belief in the people so they put themselves in a state of total belief.

Now if a person is walking over the hot coals and they have a doubt come into their mind ever so briefly it breaks the energy and often the person can receive a burn.

There are yogis who have such a belief that god protects them that they can drink  poison with no affect.

Now I tell you this as an explanation why you may not be getting your result or are struggling to heal.

For it is when we have a slight flaw in the certainty of our intention that creates inconsistent results.

In the video I share with you a tip to bring yourself into alignment with your desire.



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