6 Steps To Change And Align Your Life

What concept or perception do you have of yourself?

Do you want to loose weight but nothing seems to really work?

Do you want more clients?

Do you want more money?

Or do you just want to feel happier?

These are common issues that I hear everyday so you are not alone.

Basically when you break it down you are not happy with where you are at or who you are being.

You want more.

The concept or perception that you hold of yourself is out of alignment with who you truly are and you are experiencing discomfort.

You may have tried different ways to deal with the discomfort and here are a few of the most common proven techniques that don’t work.


Have you tried any of these?


  1. The Denial Strategy.

You think if I ignore it the problem will go away. It’s a bit like the Ostrich putting its head in the sand. This technique works for a while but sooner or later you have to pull your head out of the sand and face the music.This technique is used a lot when we don’t want to truly look at our weight, relationship or money issues.


2.  The Sharing Technique.

You may recognize this one where someone has shared there problem or issue with you. They don’t really want you to give them any advice or help they just want you to take some of the weight for awhile.

When people are using this technique they often don’t care who the person is. If you will listen they will dump the crap on you….

This strategy helps the person feel better for a short time yet they generally find that the problem finds its way back to them.

Do you recognize this strategy maybe even know someone using it?


3. The Distraction Technique.

Here we make ourselves busy or interested in things that take our attention off the very thing that is bugging us.

Typical distractions are things like watching sport or going shopping, watching reality TV shows etc.

Other distraction are keeping yourself busy at work or running around after family or friends you may be busy but are you productive?

The problem with this strategy is two fold

First off you see others getting what they want and then you compare where you are at and makes you feel worse.

The second is once the distraction has gone the old issue pops back up again and often you feel worse because you have used up all your energy on others and quite often people then feel shame for not taking action towards their goal.


There is another way and it will help you overcome the problem or issue.

If you are ready to make a change then take note to these 6 steps as they will help you change and Heal your Life.


Step 1 Awareness

Before you can change anything you must first become aware that you are out of alignment.

You do this by recognizing that there is pain or an irritation there. You may just feel unsatisfied with something or it could be really pushing hard and be right in your face. Something just not working. That is a shore sign that you are out of alignment.


Step 2 Acknowledgement:

Is to acknowledge that it’s there and by doing this you will begin to see how much energy you are using to hold it down or deal with it.

It’s a bit like trying to hold a beach ball under water it takes effort and a lot of energy to keep it down.

It keeps moving around looking for a way to pop up to the surface.

When you are out of alignment it is exactly the same.

When you keep trying to hold it down you will eventually burnout somehow as you will no longer be able to keep the dis – ease at bay.

Some Symptoms that you are out of alignment are being stressed tired or drained all the time, angry, being sloth full like you just don’t care, selfish, argumentative or emotional to name a few.

So once you have awareness and have acknowledged it you are ready to start changing the false concept or perception that you have of yourself.


Step 3)  Name It.

You do this by writing down what the issue or problem is and then write down all the thoughts that go with it.Take the filters off here and really write down all the crap that you are saying in your head. Just get it out and written down. Once it’s out on paper you can see what you are saying to yourself unconsciously.

Remember you are your harshest critic.


Step 4) Emotions And Behaviours:

Write down what are the emotions that accompany those thoughts.

Also write down what are the behaviors that you do. What action steps do you take?

What you are doing here is looking for the trigger points that set you off and take you unconscious into those unhealthy feelings and thoughts that create your reality.


Step 5) Acceptance:

You have acknowledge the old way of being or old concept of yourself . When you step into acceptance that is how you have been you will find a peaceful feeling rises or just a blank feeling. There will be no charge or energy on it when you think about it.

Watch you don’t go into denial here…

When you have true acceptance you see that it just is. And you are now ready to make the change.


Step 6) Decide What You Would Rather Have Or Be.

Now this is where the real work begins you need to get a clear idea of what you want and what that feels like.

The practice that you then do is every time you notice that old thought or emotion come up say out loud STOP.

By speaking out loud you hear your voice and that stops the pattern running.

You then enter the desired thoughts and feelings.

Through repetition you will layer in the new concept of yourself and this will start to bring you back into alignment.

The more you do this the stronger the new concept becomes and the old will just fall away as it is not being used.

As always thank you and Remember You Are Love.

Enjoy and leave a comment on how this helps you.


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