5 Steps To Deal With The Cause Of Pain.

We see it all the time and we have all been guilty of it.

We will do what we can to get out of immediate pain only to have it return again.

It doesn’t matter if its in your health, relationships, or finances we will take action when the pain becomes unbearable.

For many once action has been taken and we relieve the pain we go back to our old way of being.

ie: We have a headache so we take a nurofen  and the headache subsides.

    We are in a dysfunctional relationship so we leave.

    We find ourselves short on money, so we either earn some extra or borrow it and the issue is addressed.

In all cases we have dealt with the symptom causing pain, yet the real cause we have not dealt with and we take it with us until it resurfaces again.

The situation may appear different but the root cause is the same.

If you truly want to break the patterns and access the cause then there are steps required.

Step 1

Find your balance.

You will not find the cause when you are emotionally off balance.

If you are off balance and trying to find the cause its like having a fight hopping on one foot, you get tired fast and get emotionally knocked over easy.

When we look from a calm and balanced space we can begin to see the pattern running, and it is by looking and becoming aware that we gain the opportunity to begin addressing the cause.

Step 2

Ask yourself,

For me to be attracting this into my life what assumption do I hold of myself?

Sit quietly and ask yourself the question and trust the answers that bubble up write them down.

eg. headache could be from stress (you believe you have too take on all this stress)

  • Relationship disfunction  could be from lack of respect (if you can’t respect yourself then people who you have relationships wont either)
  • Finances short, could be lack of responsibility ( you can’t trust yourself to be wise and responsible with money)

Step 3

Become aware of where you think or do what has been revealed to you.

If you cannot acknowledge and accept that you have the assumption xyz, then you won’t be able to clean it out.

A good sign that you are on the right track is it will annoy you or you will want to deny it.

Remember you external world is reflecting back to you what you truly believe internally.

Step 4


Forgive yourself for this assumption.

You need to forgive yourself from all angles

eg: I forgive myself for believing xyz

  • i forgive myself for even taking that assumption on
  • I forgive myself for not knowing better
  • I forgive myself for denying that I believed that.
  • etc

There is a lot of work here and it has layers so take time to write it out and let what ever comes out come out.

Step 5

Put a new empowering assumption in to replace the old.

This is not a do it once process, things will come up from time to time yet once you know how to access the cause you are able to transcend them a lot quicker.

At times it is wise to have someone help from the outside.

If you would like help then contact me and see how I can help you through my gift of tracking energy to unearth and remove the hidden causes that create pain or dis ease.

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