Take Your New Years Resolution From A Wish To Reality.

What goal have you set yourself this year?   Is it to lose weight and get fit, find a loving relationship, create greater wealth or something else? Most of us set new goals or desire new things and set out with great intentions to make the change needed to achieve it....

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Dealing with Resistance.

We’ve all experienced obstacles that just keep trying to stop us achieving our desired goal. We go to take action yet no matter what we do something appears to block the pathway be it an external thing or the negative thoughts and feelings within. This can be bloody...

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Simply Healing with Douglas Peacock

Our problems are a catalyst to help us create change. If we just focus on the problem or symptom we will struggle to find the solution which lies beneath. When we look at our problem from a different angle we can unearth the cause and truly heal it. These simple...

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Changing Perspective

A gentle reminder and insight from Saint Germain on dealing with old programming. When we follow these simple steps, struggle gently falls away and life is seen through new eyes. One subtle shift over time takes you along way away from how you have been....

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Overcome The Destructive Forces Of Anger

Did you know 5 minutes of anger can create 5 hours of destruction in your body? Listen to the audio below that explains the science and metaphysical consequences of anger and what you can do to neutralise it. Here's The Full Transcript: Everyone has experienced anger...

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Are you addressing the symptom or the cause?

5 Steps To Deal With The Cause Of Pain. We see it all the time and we have all been guilty of it. We will do what we can to get out of immediate pain only to have it return again. It doesn’t matter if its in your health, relationships, or finances we will take action...

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