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A key to creating what you want.

Are you totally aligned with your belief in your desire? When I say totally i mean 100%. If there is even a small percentage that does not believe your belief then the answer is no. The importance of this is what is the difference between success and failure. We've...

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Dealing with Resentment

Are you using the NIP or CRUNCH technique to deal with conflict in your relationships? All resentment starts with a very small seed​, when the seed is left to fester resentment then is created. It takes courage to nip things in the bud but the rewards are so worth...

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The Energetic Patterns Of Depression

Depression and how it plays out in the energy field. Depression or a degree of it is a common experience that many have experienced or are experiencing. When you are in it’s grasp it can feel very debilating and it feels like there is no way out. i’ve experienced it...

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Raising Your Self Worth.

Raising Your Self Worth. An all too common comment I hear from clients is how I don’t feel good enough.  Whether it is in their work or in their relationships, self worth hampers them. You may look at these people from the outside and think, WOW, they have got their...

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6 Steps To Make Change And Align Your Life

6 Steps To Change And Align Your Life What concept or perception do you have of yourself? Do you want to loose weight but nothing seems to really work? Do you want more clients? Do you want more money? Or do you just want to feel happier? These are common issues that...

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Are You Sick Of Feeling Tired?

Are You Sick Of Feeling Tired? Do you lack the energy to get up and going in the morning? Or do you find that you run out of Energy in the afternoon? There can be more than 1 reason for this. It could be your nutrition but I’ll save that conversation for another day....

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