Learn how to strengthen your structures so you can resonate at a higher frequency and attract a better quality of life.

When we live in harmony with the universal laws, life flows.


Imagine 20…30…40 or even 50 years from now…looking back on your life and saying “There was a life well lived.” How good would that feel?

To achieve that means you are prepared to take responsibility for your Life and Your Energy?

Is your purpose to be a guiding light, a catalyst for change through your ability to KNOW Your Self?

Someone who extends a guiding hand to assist others on their Lifes Journey.

The Integrated Spiritual Alignment  (ISA) Energy Medicine personal healing process is about being honest with where you are right now, and teaching you how to take responsibility in transcending your life by aligning you with your higher consciousness frequency.

Are You Ready To Open Up To Your True Potential And Activate Your Innate Abilities?

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” 

Albert Einstein

When you can ACCEPT this truth at your core level, you’ll discover how easy it is to have CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY about the direction you want to head in your life. This in itself is a game changer that opens doors really fast!

You’ll have UNDERSTANDING… you’ll have CALMNESS… and you’ll finally have the CONFIDENCE to overcome any obstacle on your path, because you’ll recognise obstacles are simply an opportunity to peel back another layer of who you are!  

Freedom. Harmony. Peace.

It’s all within your grasp…

In 1999 when I had a rare, severe “incurable” rheumatoid illness which consisted of my own enzymes eating my muscles, Doug Peacock came to my rescue. After three sessions with Doug, that condition was out of my system, as the next blood test showed. My doctor was so impressed, even he came to see Doug.  Fast forward to 2017. I came down with non-Hodgkins’ Lymphoma. I did one session of chemotherapy, but could not handle the side effects, so I switched to a natural healing protocol. That included looking up Doug, who I found, back in Australia. I had four sessions with him, and voila! The latest CT scans and blood tests show that all is once again well in my body! Thus, I see myself as a “Walking Miracle” two times over now, and have endless gratitude for Doug and his amazing work, which I can highly recommend!
Mary S., Sedona, AZ

Mary S

Boulder USA

Mary S

Woking with Doug is both profound and humbling.

Doug has an extraordinary gift of seeing the aspects of our human nature beyond matter; as spacious formless energy. Doug see’s the subtle aspects of the field of energy where life force flows freely, and where we have created blocks or tension in that field blocking this flow and as a result creating suffering and dis ease. Through his powerful ability to work at the energetic level Doug holds a space of stillness and light gently showing you how to allow full acceptance, integration or removal of these aspects of self and thus freeing and restoring the energetic body.

As a highly successful professional woman with post graduate education in business, psychology and management I came to work with Doug to further develop and deepen self-knowledge.

I personally experienced breakthroughs in accessing and dissolving deep rooted egoic mind constructed patterns and behaviours. Most profoundly  I was able to access and dissolve a construction of dis ease, created by me as a young woman and held in my cell memory from the cancer that my mother experienced in her life & that I was unware of at the conscious level until working with Doug. I am now free from this in the physical body.

From the perspective opened up through working with Doug, I feel more clear and aligned and a deep sense of peace. I experience myself as more vibrant, light, vital and softer.

Thank you Doug – you’re a gift and light master.

Elise McSweeny

Sydney Aus

Elise M

Mum Extraordinaire & Former Global1 CEO

Day 1

To Truly Heal yourself and create change.

 It is important for you to know where you are right now and how you are interacting in the different areas of your life.

You will learn:

  • How you are resisting what you desire and how to change
  • About the different energy frequencies and how they are affecting you.
  • What your natural default settings are and how to adjust them to get more empowering results.
  • To understand, balance and align the masculine and feminine energies within everything you do.

DAY 2 

We step through the vails of resistance into higher levels of consciousness via the activation of your higher dimensional light body.

You will Learn

  • How to identify and free your Self from the lower dense patterns of consciousness (negative energy) that hold you trapped or stuck in life.
  • How to effortlessly move from what’s holding you back and step into your power.
  • How to align with the new awareness and energy frequency and embody the ownership of your rightful place.
  • The steps to take so you can create consciously in your everyday life.



Master the practice of recognising when you step out of Flow and begin to resist how your energy affects the material world. I will share with you, your next steps to conscious creating and  how to narrow the gap between how you appear and who you are. Ultimately, you will create an acceptance of self that transcends your physical being, environment and time.  When how you appear is who you are, you are truly free!

Your Personal Attunement To And Experience Of The 4 Pillar Healing Process:

Activation, alignment and energetic integration with your higher frequency light body.

Participants Workbooks included.

Value unmeasurable 

In Person Mentoring With Douglas: 

Using his innate gifts with energy, Douglas tunes into every single person in the workshop. That means no-one gets left behind or forgotten.

Value $1200

And to make sure you

REALLY feel supported,

we’ve also included

the following


Follow up Webinar: 

Often when you go home you have questions come up that you would like clarity on.

A massive amount of energy is released over the weekend and you will be experiencing a whole new way of being and at times people need reassurance that what’s going on is ok.

I’m gifting, you a 45min group webinar 1 week after the workshop to answer any questions.

Value – $997

Private “Self Healing Process” Facebook Group: 

Instant Access to the Closed-Door 4 Pillar Self Healing Process Facebook Group, where you’ll gain unlimited insight, inspiration and feedback on your progress from a friendly and approachable group of like-minded individuals.

Value – $497

When you add it all up, – the live course, live feedback, direct contact, ability to ask questions and connect with others… that’s a total value of $2,694 plus the unmeasurable value of the alignments 

And that’s not even counting the unannounced surprises and value bombs I’ll be dropping on you once we get started…

But because I’m super excited to welcome you (and watch you step into your true power) I’m giving you the opportunity to enrol in 4 Pillar Self Healing Process TODAY at the special promo price of just… $995

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Payment Plan Options Available

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If you’re on the fence…

Or if other trainings have left you stranded (and sceptical)…

Then I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put the 4 Step Personal Healing Process into action and experience what it feels like to take back control of your life.

That’s why I’m giving you the 3 Days to participate in the program, implement the activities and do the practices… AND if at the end of that time, you can honestly say you’ve experienced nothing and learnt nothing that would make a positive change in your life, then I’ll be happy to return the investment.

BUT, you have to show up and implement what I’m going to teach you.

4 Pillar  Self Healing Process is for people who are committed to healing any area of their life.

There’s so much possibility waiting for you on the other side of this training, and since my goal is your success, I’m not afraid to dish out some tough Douglas love or bone raw honesty if it keeps you true to yourself.

A Little Birdie Told Me You Have Some Questions

When does it start?

Gold Coast 3 Day workshop Dates and Times:

Friday:  June 7th 6.30pm Registration

Friday: 7pm Start

Saturday: June 8th 9.30am – 6.00pm

Sunday:   June 9th     10.00am – 4.00pm

Venue:   TBC

Can anyone learn how to track energy?
Yes! We are made up of energy so we all have the ability to master it! You’ll be surprised how easy it is to track the energy in your body and use it to create what you want. Remember my motto, “No-one gets left behind.” I’ll be there to help you every step of the way.
Can I work on any area of my life?

Yes! The ISA Energy Medicine Process works in all areas of life as we go beyond the mind and work with the higher light (energy) frequency.

My clients come with varying issues from health issues to terminal illness, financial, or relationship issues. By aligning into the higher frequencies the dis-ease is transcended.

Your INVITATION  To Join The Program Is Time Sensitive… And Time Is Running Out…

4 PILLAR Self Healing Process 3 Day Workshop Gold Coast








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I can’t wait to take you step-by-step into your own personal power and watch you change your reality by simply being you.

– Douglas