Learn How To Work With Energy & Amplify Your Own Healing Abilities


Imagine 20…30…40 or even 50 years from now…looking back on your life and saying “There was a life well lived.” How good would that feel?

To achieve that means you are prepared to take responsibility for your Life and Your Energy?

Is your purpose to be a guiding light, a catalyst for change through your ability to heal Your Self and others?

Someone who extends a guiding hand to assist others on their Lifes Journey.

The ISA Energy Medicine Level 1 healing program is the ideal step on the pathway to healing yourself and others.

Are You Ready To Open Up To Your True Potential And Activate Your Innate Healing Abilities?

“Knowing is not enough,  We must APPLY.

 Willing is not enough, We must DO.”

Bruce Lee

Healing is NOT done to you, It is done WITHIN you.  When you can ACCEPT this truth at your core level, you’ll discover how easy it is to have CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY about the direction you want to head in your life. This in itself is a game changer that opens doors really fast!

You’ll have UNDERSTANDING… you’ll have CALMNESS… and you’ll finally have the CONFIDENCE to overcome any obstacle on your path, because you’ll recognise obstacles are simply an opportunity to peel back another layer of who you are!  

Health, Wealth, Success

It’s all within your grasp…

In 1999 when I had a rare, severe “incurable” rheumatoid illness which consisted of my own enzymes eating my muscles, Doug Peacock came to my rescue. After three sessions with Doug, that condition was out of my system, as the next blood test showed. My doctor was so impressed, even he came to see Doug.  Fast forward to 2017. I came down with non-Hodgkins’ Lymphoma. I did one session of chemotherapy, but could not handle the side effects, so I switched to a natural healing protocol. That included looking up Doug, who I found, back in Australia. I had four sessions with him, and voila! The latest CT scans and blood tests show that all is once again well in my body! Thus, I see myself as a “Walking Miracle” two times over now, and have endless gratitude for Doug and his amazing work, which I can highly recommend!
Mary S., Sedona, AZ

Mary S

Boulder USA

Mary S

Woking with Doug is both profound and humbling.

Doug has an extraordinary gift of seeing the aspects of our human nature beyond matter; as spacious formless energy. Doug see’s the subtle aspects of the field of energy where life force flows freely, and where we have created blocks or tension in that field blocking this flow and as a result creating suffering and dis ease. Through his powerful ability to work at the energetic level Doug holds a space of stillness and light gently showing you how to allow full acceptance, integration or removal of these aspects of self and thus freeing and restoring the energetic body.

As a highly successful professional woman with post graduate education in business, psychology and management I came to work with Doug to further develop and deepen self-knowledge.

I personally experienced breakthroughs in accessing and dissolving deep rooted egoic mind constructed patterns and behaviours. Most profoundly  I was able to access and dissolve a construction of dis ease, created by me as a young woman and held in my cell memory from the cancer that my mother experienced in her life & that I was unware of at the conscious level until working with Doug. I am now free from this in the physical body.

From the perspective opened up through working with Doug, I feel more clear and aligned and a deep sense of peace. I experience myself as more vibrant, light, vital and softer.

Thank you Doug – you’re a gift and light master.

Elise McSweeny

Sydney Aus

Elise M

Mum Extraordinaire & Former Global1 CEO

Day 1

The first evening is all about setting you up and preparing you for what is coming over the next couple of days.

You will learn:

  •  About Energy Healing and the Quantum Field
  • We will demystify common myths about energy and healing
  • The 3 point  ISA Activation technique that amplifies your energy field 10X.

DAY 2 

You will Learn

  • How to insulate yourself so you can work with high-frequency energies.
  • How to keep yourself clean and safe when entering into and working with toxic negative energies
  • How to create and amplify an energy orb around your workspace or home (To attract what you desire and repel negativity)
  • Basic overview of the chakras
  • How to balance and clear the chakras

The day is full of practical exercises to ensure you embody the teachings


You will Learn:

  • What it feels like for you as you energetically go within someone’s body/ energy field to remove a blockage (I personally guide everyone through this to make sure you achieve the correct connection and become aware of how it is for you.)
  • The Universal Laws and Energy
  • Overview of Higher and Lower frequencies and how they play out in the energy field.
  • How to Tune into the different frequencies

And to make sure you

REALLY feel supported,

we’ve also included

the following


Morning Meditation: 

Join Douglas each morning for a meditation and extra question and answer opportunity.

 Group Q & A Follow Up Webinar: 

As there is a lot happening over the weekend I will run a webinar the following week to answer any questions and give insights on what you may have or be experiencing since the course.

This is pure gold to have a chance to ask those questions that have come up after the event.

If you were to add it all up, – the live course, live individual feedback, meditation – Q&A, direct contact, ability to ask questions and connect with others… that’s a total value of over $3000

And that’s not even counting the unannounced surprises and value bombs I’ll be dropping on you once we get started…

But because I’m super excited to welcome you (and assist you to step into your true healing power) I’m giving you the opportunity to enrol in the Practitioner Workshop TODAY at the special promo price of just… $595

ACT TODAY! The program starts June 28th-30th so you need to be quick as this is the last chance to attend this year.

 ACT NOW. To secure your place.

Payment Plan Options Available

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If you’re on the fence…

Or if other trainings have left you stranded (and skeptical)…

Then I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put the power of ISA Energy Medicine into action and experience what it feels like to take back control of your life.

That’s why I’m giving you a full 2 WEEKS to participate in the program, implement the activities and do the practices… AND if at the end of that time, you can honestly say you’ve experienced nothing and learnt nothing that would make a positive change in your life, then I’ll be happy to return the investment.

BUT, you have to show up and implement what I’m going to teach you.

ISA Energy Medicine is for people who are committed to healing all areas of their life and /or wanting to help others Heal their life.

There’s so much possibility waiting for you on the other side of this training, and since my goal is your success, I’m not afraid to dish out some tough Douglas love or bone raw honesty if it keeps you true to yourself.

A Little Birdie Told Me You Have Some Questions

What are the start and finish times?

The workshop is over 3 days. All times published are Queensland, Australia (AEST).

Registration: Friday June 28thth @ 6.45pm

Event Starts. Friday, 28th @ 7:00 pm – 9.00 pm

Saturday 29th @ 9.45am – 6pm

Sunday 30th   @ 9.45am – 4.30pm

Optional: Each morning starts with a 30min meditation class at 9am.

How long does each session go for?

Each session is approximately 1.30mim -2 hours in duration between breaks. The goal is not to stick to exact times but to achieve the outcomes of each segment.

As with all energy work, the energy flow determines the length of time required.

I've done lots of courses in the past. Why is this one different?

No-one teaches like I do. Most programs only scratch the surface of what’s really going on, which is why the change never truly sticks. We track the energy and go straight to the core. When the core is released, there is nothing to go back to, therefore the new changes you install become the new you.

Although we have a structure that we follow in the workshop the energy of the group always creates and takes the perfect path to facilitate the most powerful learning experience for everyone involved.

Can anyone learn how to work with energy?

Yes! We are made up of energy so we all have the ability to master it! You’ll be surprised how easy it is to work with energy in your body and use it to create what you want. Remember my motto, “No-one gets left behind.” I’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

I understand I need to attend the workshop and do the work. How long will it take until I can use what I learn?

You can use the techniques straight away. The more you use them the stronger and more efficient you become as the energy flow continues to open up.

It is wise to practice on yourself regularly to heighten your awareness of the energies.

Know that everyone you work with, will benefit in some way.

What others have said after completing the workshop.


Thank YOU for what was probably the most enlightening weekend of my life!  
I’ve been practising on Laurie with interesting results, so I can’t wait to share! 
Michelle D
Hi Doug.
I finished my first Integrated Spiritual Alignment workshops yesterday. 
 This morning I went to a specialist doctors appointment while she was happy with part of my health that’s healed itself ?She started to get into her belief systems she came closer & closer into my personal space trying to impress on me her values. I started to get uncomfortable and when I realised what was happening I put on my definition of my LOVE SUIT ❤️ and she straight away slid back in her chair in front of her computer. ?
        How cool ? was that ?
 The session or appointment ended. She said how great it was I did an energy & meditation workshop & how important meditation is for health. ???
Thank you so much for your teachings. 
With love ? and gratitude. Kay

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I can’t wait to take you step-by-step into your own personal power and watch you change your reality by simply being you.

– Douglas